Building plans for a Group House for an Orphan School





The orphan school and home called Starlight Family urgently need new

buildings to improve the living and sleeping situation of many children.


Swiss Sponsor David Amrein asked me to make a building plan that i

did, after researching Starchilds local situation by photos and films ...


The building plans are very much connected to a first budget given.

Using local materials, connecting to local traditions and local needs.


This is a charity engagement, the plans are provided without charge.

As architect/dipl.-ing. i already did such plans for UN in Afghanistan.



All building plans for new Group House in one .pdf - free download - any kind of use everywhere allowed
PDF-Dokument [5.6 MB]




Mr. John B. Ssebuliba Ssekamatte (PhD)

from National Planning Authority Uganda

wrote to us : (


"Since everything else is in order, submit the drawings to the District Physical Planner for processing."




Dear Mr. Dr. Ssebuliba Ssekamatte,


we still have no building permit because we could not find the "District

Physical Planner" in Kiboga District - and you did not mention his name

and his adress - once again we ask you for this persons contact data.


With best regards

volker goebel




Swiss planning quality guaranteed but all quotes directly from Uganda


PLEASE DONATE - we still have no roof for the GROUP HOUSE !


Shall we leave the 10 orphan kids in a house without a roof ???



if there is a country in the world that needs a massive amount of new

houses, then it is Uganda - the youngest population i have ever seen.


As an architect i see this as the most dynamic market in the world. It

will need huge programms to build 500.000 new group houses / year.


It needs rent/buy or lease/buy programms from all local banks to be

able to build such a massive amount of new homes for Uganda people.


Look at the building plans for the "Group House" - it serves basic needs

and provides home an shelter to 10 + 2 people in one group house ...


It makes sense to go to Uganda and to organize the biggest building

program the country has ever seen. Group houses for all the people.




a first mark-up was undertaken on the land of Starlight-Orphan-School

by Richard Mugasho and Jimmy Kasole / photo by James Lukjamuzi


basically the location seems good for the new Group House building


BUT - it is still too close to another building - it is never good to build 2

building to close to each other - and the builders also need space around


so we have to do the mark-up work again - with a better mark-up


the technical drawings and start of calculation
PDF-Dokument [5.6 MB]
the location and the building situation there
Waisenhaus Schule Starlight Family Kibog[...]
PDF-Dokument [9.5 MB]




on Facebook we had 473 Likes for these building plans within a week.

That is not a bummer but it shows a certain respect. Many people did

or comment - a few asked to get the .pdf with the original drawings ...


app. 15.000 people had a look at the film presenting Group House ...





----- a fund raiser has been set up to find the last 1/3 of the 18.000 SFr


----- Liebe Schweizer, Liebe Dütsche - auch mal was spenden BITTE ...




Original ArchiCAD 20 file - add .pln and open it in ArchiCAD
Group House Starlight_Building_Plans.
Datei [32.8 MB]


other architects working with ArchiCAD can download the original data

file for their own purposes for free here - you got to have ArchiCAD 20




> 1st Group House meeting took place 19.07.2017 - David, Volker :

- We have a project / Group House for Starlight Family Kiboga

- We have the building application plans for free from Volker
- We have a price / Calculation shows : 15.000 to 18.000 SFR
- We work on / Financing ! / David 33 % / FS 33 % / Nirvi 33 %
- Start in CH was 13.07.2017 / Start in Uganda in Sept. 2017
- Do we need a building permit ? James, please ask Kiboga.


Team David P. Amrein Switzerland / Financing / Sponsor
Richard Mogashu Uganda / Building Engineer & BUILDER
Jimmy Kasole Uganda / Material sourcing & BUILDER
Father of Jimmy Kasole / experienced BUILDER on site ?
Nirvikalpini Nithya UK / Financing by Crowd Funding !!!

Theres Iwanchuk-Germann US / Funding Coordination
James Lukyamuzi Uganda / Building Permit Application
Volker Goebel DE, Switzerland / Architect and BUILDER


OR a local building company gets the full contract !

We are waiting for a quote to come it to compare.


Technical Building plans are OK for building application

(for building the group house further development ...)


Calculation for Group House is on 90 % - further dev.

by Richard Mogashu - Excel Sheet is going to be public.


Financing is started, and on 33 % on start day 19.07.2017

we have 6 weeks now to find the money for Group House !


nous sommes embarque ... Amen




During a 2nd meeting with Mr. David P. Amrein he promised

the 2/3 means we are on 66 % funding now - thank you D.


but the last 34 % are a huge problem because the fund raiser

set up by Nirvi does not collect money - shall be build a house

with no roof ??? - In the end of August we have to decide ...



In 3rd meeting the Schubert Verlag Leipzig joined in as a sponsor

it is them who provides the second third that David promised us !

Many thanks to Schubert Verlag Leipzig in Germany. Dr. Frank S.





The MGKB team has found an Uganda registered architect to sign

the drawings and the application form : Tern Designs Ltd / Kampala


The MGKB team has found a company that does land measurements

and title registration : AHEISIIBWE PROSPEROUS REG No. B1519370


Main Sponsor David P. Amrein has send 5 Mio. UTS by bank

withdrawl to cover the costs of these 2 actions


Architect Goebel still got to put the existing A3 drawings together

on DIN A1 for that the size of the plans confirm to District Letter


we are on a good way now to match the District requirements ...




The MGKB team got Email now :



The BOQ = Bill of Quantities and Prices for Group House


We worked on calculating "Group House" based on the techn. drawings

The quantities of the materials are easy to determinate, but cost of the

transports and building them in on a building site with no electricity and

no water pipe was very difficult - we also have to think in Uganda Shilling

and Swiss Francs - with a 30 year experience in calculating i found this :

(i will be happy to receive corrections, offers and other hints to improve)


1. Calculation in german language based on experience was done to start

2. the BOQ from HBL company Kampala confirmed the 18.000 USD widely

3. "we did verify every position with local quotes from Kampala" including

the transportation to 12 km out of Kiboga. - The 18.000 USD are correct !


THE REAL - FINAL BOQ for Group House Kiboga
PDF-Dokument [6.7 MB]








Foundation Plate / Details


plus 2 m3 concrete that goes into the rough gravel - we now have 10 cm rough gravel under the foundation plate to keep the foundation plate dry
JPG-Datei [503.9 KB]




We overworked the foundation plate planning to save 33 % concrete !

the idea came from Mr. Richard Mugasho / studied civil engineer - see :



for sure we have to prepare the cast form with wooden edges and solid

steel mats inside before we can cast the foundation plate for Group House


as transport conrete is overpriced and not available for Kiboga - we work

with 2 fuel powered conrete mixers to get the foundation plate casted in 1


We have an offer from ADBE / Kampala provided by Mr. George Botyo ...

Total need is : 12-14 m3 - concrete grade G15 for one foundation plate 


George is going to come up soon with an offer for the : elements of concrete

we have to mix on the site near Kiboga. Even the water we have to transport


Mr. George Botyo / from Kampala works for us Mr. George Botyo / from Kampala works for us









Clay Brick Walls / Details




Lets calculate the total weight of the 9.200 bricks :


2 dm x 1 dm x 1 dm x 1,7 Kg / dm3 = 3,4 kg per brick


9.200 bricks x 3,4 kg/brick = 31.280 kg = 32 tonns of bricks


that is 3 mid size lorrys that can carry 11 tonns each ...


from Hoima to Kiboga it is 75 Kilometers ... (x2)





we do NOT accept any "banana bricks" from bad casting forms !!!


Only hard bricks with a precise measurement of 215 x 10 x 10 cm



we insist on having hard clay bricks with a precise measurement - mix in

some color powder or yellow sand to provide us " a happy bright color "

we can pay 5 % more for a brick that suits the Group House Standards

if the lorry arrives with dark banana bricks we send the lorry back 100 %



good example brick - we need that and we found it - example brick from the source found by George
the overworked quotation - transport costs are still to high - 50 % upfront after contract - 50 % after delivery
PDF-Dokument [639.6 KB]
sorry - not from Hoima - the good clay bricks are coming from Buwenge near Kakiri
QuickTime Video-Format [20.0 MB]


1. George Botyo from Kampala has travelled towards direction Hoima

---and he has found good bricks - we have his quotation report now


---yes it is 31 tonns to transport over 235 km - Buwenge is too far !!!


2. Jimmy Kasole also has found a good clay brick source near Kiboga

---we are waiting for his full report with photos of site and bricks ...



this is what we want for Group House walls : proper brick work


this photo is from the website of "Uganda clay" - but i am not sure if this

good example is build with the bricks of the Uganda Clay Company Ltd.

i have send the 2nd inquiry for an offer to Uganda Clay by Email now ...


the gap we do like in the photo - put the end of a flexible tube in water

and go over the gap to take some mortar away - fine brickwork quality








WOOD to carry roof / Details


the final quote for the roof timber from Kampala including transport - but quality is low and price is lower then calculated
PDF-Dokument [322.6 KB]
the final quote for angle brackets from Kampala including transport - but quality is low and price is lower then calculated
PDF-Dokument [284.1 KB]









Roof Material / Details





Final Shopping List for the Roof : Sheet metal and PVC


18 x PVC transparent 3,5 m x 1 m (transparent to milky) thick 1,4 mm

12 x Sheet metal 5 m x 1 m (surface in white or silver) thick 0,6 mm




we are waiting for a quote ...



There is a roofing company producing and operting in Uganda :

please visit the " roofing rolling mills " based near Kampala


complete final quote for the roof material with transport and drilling machine - color red brown has to be changed to white or silver
PDF-Dokument [185.3 KB]
german products - not available in Uganda yet
JPG-Datei [154.7 KB]
PDF-Dokument [1.7 MB]
PDF-Dokument [986.2 KB]
PDF-Dokument [986.2 KB]








Day and Night use / Details



the intelligent use of the given space enables 10 childs and 2 care-takers

in the Starlight Orphan School - limited money for the house dear Janet 








Kiboga is on 1.000 meter - it is a mild moderate tropic climate - Uganda

gets 1.500 liters of rain per year on a squaremeter !!! - but not enough 

water wells drilled - so collecting rain water is an essential - we can have

some transparent roof elements - but only on a 50 % base, to keep the

"balance between light and temperature" - during the hottest hours we

can not work - working on rain days is also a problem - means 50 % !!!













Another project - preview to : Group House Village



Anybody can use the drawings i did for the world. - You can download the

single pictures on your phone, you can download the original building plan

.pdf on your computer, you can also download the original ArchiCAD file ...


Make use of the drawings, for yourself, for your company, for your people

if you are from government. We follow up on this and provide all drawings

publicly, all calculationes, all detail solutions - you also can contact us ...


These house are 15.000 Dollars expensive/cheap. We sell them for 15.000

Dollars in Uganda to the people. Including the land around you see. - You

have to sign a contract with your bank. 20 % upfront, rest over 20 years.


We are going to establish such Rent/Buy also called Lease/Buy contracts.

You can come to our office, put 20 % on the table, sign a contract with a

local bank in our office and you go out and walk you to your new house !


That is going to happen - we are looking forward to build 500.000 Group

Houses in Uganda. We do no build any villas - we only have one product.

We only do these Group Houses - because they are good for you all ...




Rent/Buy contract for 1 Group House :


used my passport as sample - put in your identity papers
JPG-Datei [183.8 KB]
JPG-Datei [302.0 KB]
this is another project with Group House - the Village - also Kiboga area
JPG-Datei [2.9 MB]




Detailed building plans 1:200 / 1:500 on the "Group House Village" page



you can have a closer look at the contract for 1 Group House already !

we still have to negotiate with the Centenery Bank by November 2017

we still have to buy land, before we as builders can sign the contract ...


but you can download the contract already to put your name in - please

show your interest on the contract paper - as soon as the bank comes in

and we have bought land in Kiboga District we can sign the contract too.


Best regards and sincerely yours - Volker Goebel / Architect / Dipl.-Ing.

and his local 33/33/33 Partners Jimmy Kasole / Urban Planning & Trade

and Richard Mogashu / Civil Engineer. We are a building contractor soon.




Download contract .pdf - print it, and put your names and contact details in
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]








return to 1 Group House for the Starlight Orphans




Building the first "Group-House" for Starlight-Family is the first task !!!



0041 (0)79 424 61 48


Volker Goebel






schöne, aber veraltete Besuchskarte - nur zur Erinnerung



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