Box Gutter Roof House - Kakiri - Uganda




Sometimes building contractors and clients accept plans from architects that are not easy to build
















This is how the Kakira Box Gutter House looked when Ing. Goebel was involved by the client.


The building money budget was used up already by this time, in that stage - but the house


was still in-complete and the water was leaking into the rooms ...














Lets have a closer view to the box gutter problem - that occurs when people do not want to show the iron sheets, when they want to show a big roof area - box gutters are a difficult and expensive

way to collect the rain water and to get it out at certain points. - See how difficult this is way to build is - water-tight for many years - in practice ...




















Architects have to draw in the box gutters with : length, corners, endings and openings


for that the contractors see the challenge and that they can say yes or no to contract.









>>> there is an unfinished MGKB House in Uganda that needs to be

reviewed in roof area - and that needs windows, doors, floors, electric

installation, hydraulic installation, tiles and paint ...















>>> the Kakiri Box Gutter Roof House already got some qualities
as you can see - MGKB at work - thank god for the expert that did
the plaster work - closing all scarfs, making edges shart, walls flat







just compare - it is never a good idea to build some walls more then what is shown in the plan


the plan proposed by Eng. Mugasho has to be considered ... Less is more - water want to flow














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