Building Site - Group House for Starlight Orphans Kiboga



this is page 2 - we are on the way to build a group house for 10

orphans and thier care-takers in Starlight School Kiboga Uganda

Group House received Building Permit 10.11.2017 - building ON

please see page 1 - see and read how it started



Status of project building Starlight Group House :


- we have 3 sponsors for the required 18.000 USD + 1.400 USD

(David had to send 1.400 Dollars extra for very expensive mea-

suring, uganda architect stamp, buiding permit, and land title)

1. David P. Amrein from Brunnen Switzerland 34 %

2. Schubert Verlag Leipzig Germany 33 % plus UPC

3. Mr. Marcel A. from Brunnen Switzerland 16,5 %

4. Architect Volker Goebel doing charity work plans

- the rest of 16,5 % is still missing - please donate


- we founded MGKB building contractors Ltd to build Group House

1. George Botyo / studied construction management / builder

2. Jimmy Kasole / studies physical planner / junior builder

3. Richard Mugasho / studied civil engineering / builder

4. Volker Goebel / studied architecture / Dipl.-Ing. / advisor


we have the land, we have a letter from District authority to

provide measurement and building plans for building permit


Land measurement with neighbours on site took place 20.10.2017

here you find photos from the measuring day on Starlight grounds :







Hello architect Volker,

From that proforma quote, our role is only to stamp and provide plan 
approval forms. We need printed drawings on A1 and blue prints.

Please note as requirement for approval of plans by Ugandan 
regulations, the following have to be available:
- Floor plans
- Elevations
- Sections
- Roof plans
- Site layout plan
- Site location plan
- Door and Window schedules
- Septic and soak pit details( or any of the means of waste disposal 
provided for in the design)
- Any other relevant details
- When your submitting at the local authority, you will be required to 
present proof of ownership of land in terms of land title or land 

4 copies of A1 blue prints are required.

If you require us to print for you or make adjustments in your 
drawings, then you will have to meet those extra costs.






Hello - Dear architect Abbey,

Thanks for your message with the loooong requirement list.

We can provide that information. - Please note that "Group
House" got no water installations - there is a Latrine on site.

How much you charge for an A1 print ?

Best regards from
volker goebel

photo of Latrine building on Starlight site - sponsored by Western Union


Latrine on Starlight Site - sponsored by Western Union - no septic tank for new Group House building needed (no water installations inside new Group House)




This is the planning documents we prepared for building permit :


"Site Location Plan" various scales for Starlight Elementary Orphan School / Kiboga / Uganda
"Site Layout Plan" scale 1:200 (100 % measured) with proposed new Group House Building
Orig. ArchiCAD file - add .pln and open it in ArchiCAD 20
Group House Starlight_with_Land_Building[...]
Datei [41.2 MB]
Orig. ArchiCAD file - add .pln and open it in ArchiCAD 20
Final_Group House MGKB_Building_Plans.
Datei [41.1 MB]
Price for land survey measurement was too high ...
PDF-Dokument [276.1 KB]
Price for signature, stamps, forms and prints was OK
PDF-Dokument [48.6 KB]
Building Plans 1 for Group House Starlight Kiboga Uganda - free use for everybody - vg
Building Plans 2 for Group House Starlight Kiboga Uganda / free use for everybody - vg
Free use of BOQ for everybody - or buy Group House from MGKB building contractors Ltd. Kiboga, Kampala, Uganda
PDF-Dokument [6.7 MB]



this week Architect Abbey from Tern Designs Ltd. will check the plans

print them, sign them, stamp them - Abbey will also fill the forms ...





then we go to Kiboga District Office and present all planning documents

to get a building permit for : Group House Startlight Orphans Kiboga !

Jimmy Kasole / Physical planner / from Kiboga is in charge with that.


On Wednesday 01.11.2017 the MGKB had appointment with the

Kiboga District Administration. Jimmy Kasole, James Lukjamuzi

and George Botyo presented the super expensive building plans,

and they received first signatures and stamps - 2 other officers

go out to Starlight Elementary School and Orphanage on Monday.


We expect to receive the building permit for Group House soon.

please read the work day report by MGKB Director George Botyo :
Building Permit Procedure at Kiboga District Administration Office / Uganda

>>> Wednesday 08.11.2017 - new markup action on Starlight Grounds - 8 x 8 Meter Group House in new location - George (Material), Jimmy (Hammer), Richard (Measurement) - you meet a government offical on site - make sure you get the building permit Good Luck - the expensive stamped plans - who got them - there it needs the signature APPROVED for BUILDING - name, date, title - Public Health Inspector







We have a letter confirming the application for building permit

We have first stamps and signature on first building plans ...

2nd Mark-Up of Group House is also done by now ...


We are waiting for letter and signatures on all 4 plans showing

Starlight Family Elementary School and Orphanage Group House

just 2 days waiting ... things have to be stamped in the office


We do good work reports by now ... (George)
PDF-Dokument [219.6 KB]
Book-Keeping Money List is also better by now - (George)
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [17.5 KB]
the MGKB always shows the receipts for the bigger payments (Jimmy)
Microsoft Word-Dokument [1.1 MB]
First Bank Statement from MGKB Account - Public Company
Bank Statement -2017-11-10-MGKB-Account.[...]
PDF-Dokument [701.5 KB]
The Building Permit Minimal Papers by MGKB director George Botyo 25 %
PDF-Dokument [3.4 MB]









10.11.2017 - Building Permit !!!


after a long work trail Starlight finally

received the "BUILDING PERMIT" for

new Group House on Starlight Ground


Land Title is in process - soon Land Title


for an Elementary School / Orphanage







After the first building permit the Banks became more friendly to us and

offered terms and conditiones for micro loans and real mortgage loans


Housing Loans Centenary Uganda









the first GROUP HOUSE Starlight Orpanage near Kiboga





In Wakiso District there is a school director waiting for his land title coming

soon and funding of school building with 100 Mio. UGX is already in negotia-

tion with Centenary Bank - George Botyo is going to scetch up a floorplan ...


PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]


Richard created a Sales Brochure on its own to appeal more to local residents ...










The money for Building Phase 1 "Foundation Plate" has arrived in Uganda 29.11.2017 (MGKB 5.250 USD)


George Botyou and Richard Mugasho did a clever work plan : (Jimmy is passing last exams at University)


My frist calculation was 2.800 SFr - now we have send 5.250 USD for foundation plate and loan payback



the read BOQ - with the prices we could find and what the sponsors accepted ... all materials, transports, wages in one list
PDF-Dokument [6.7 MB]




Meanwhile "Therese" (Swiss women, married to USA, 2 kids, lovely family)


is bothering everybody and me with the WATER DRILL SITUATION


The Village of Naganagazi and Starlight have no water well near - PROBLEM


shall we ask Nestle for botteled Water now - Shall a new drill takes place ?



Correction - the contaminated source is not within Starlight - it is located close to the  "i" in Nakanagazi Correction - the contaminated source is not within Starlight - it is located close to the "i" in Nakanagazi
Microsoft Word-Dokument [59.9 KB]






Civil Engineer Richard Mugasho managed to find a quote for a water drill


but it is for 100 Meters in Wakiso District - we need 50 Meters in Kiboga


please read the detailed quote (BOQ) for a water drill in Wakiso / Uganda








It looks like Kiboga District is willing to finish the water well drilling under certain circumstances - that is a valuable offer









Sand Delivery by MGKB building contractors Ltd.


needed for foundation plate in concrete and the


mortar for the brick laying works of Grop House








A month ago MGKB took too much money from the 

sponsors bank money sending to Starlight School -

because opening a bank account was more expensive

then calculated - now MGKB pays the 1 Mio. UGS back

(1 Mio. Uganda Shillings is = 275 USD in Dez. 2017)


that leads to a very nice christmas for the kids ...






MGKB building contractors Ltd. got bank account and cheque book to pay materials and wages





next time you build in GRAVEL - min 5 mm rough !

and no plastic - give back the 840.000 UGS !

Once you get away with it - but not a second time.

Follow the drawings strictly ... vg










on Friday 22.12.2017 


>>> MGKB unveiled the first casted foundation plate for GROUP HOUSE

building site : Starlight Orphans / Naganagazi, Kiboga, Uganda -

still some improvements to be done ...







Dear honorable Kiboga Vice Manager Josephat,


thanks for your message. - As you spend all the time on

making friends and getting information from each other :


we present you the completed Rent/Buy contract 


That is our business proposal as MGKB to Centenary


3 % interest rate and 5 % inflation rate (yearly check)


With this business proposal we can all go further ...


Best regards from


volker goebel and jimmy kasole, 

richard mugasho, george botyo







Good day Mr Goebel.

We have received your proposal for which we are very grateful.

As earlier noted in our correspondences we will forward the proposal to the relevant Office and will give feedback.

I must say this looks really nice.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you and may you have a nice week end.

This message has been classified as CONFIDENTIAL - EXTERNAL by Ntegeka Josephat on Friday, December 22, 2017 @ 9:10:37 PM





Group House
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]
Family House
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]
Double Family House
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]






30 Dezember 2017 - The concrete foundation plate for Group House is ready now :
















All payments have been checked by architect volker goebel


the MGKB Team used the money for building - it needs more


original receipts from now on - but they used the money very


much close attached to the purpose - and they had wages ...


We thank George, Richard and Jimmy to be so wise and careful








the main Sponsor and Organizer of Group House Starlight Kiboga / Mr. David P. Amrein - THANK YOU ...











>>> 2 offers for wood and metal that has to be worked "into the walls" of Group House Kiboga




0041 (0)79 424 61 48




Volker Goebel






schöne, aber veraltete Besuchskarte - nur zur Erinnerung



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