Building Site / Group House Starlight / 2017 / 2018




3 honorige Schweizer Sponsoren lassen ein Gruppen- Haus für die Waisen der Starlight Grund-Schule in Kiboga bauen - Architekt/Bauleitung Volker Goebel


Baugenehmigung erhalten, Bodenplatte gegossen, jetzt sind die MGKB Jungs bei den Maurer-Arbeiten und Stürzen für Fenster und Türen ... März 2018







>>> THE ROOF IS ON - Group House Kiboga was roofed in May 2018 with a metal/pvc roof that collects rainwater into a tank for the children of Starlight school and orphanage in Kiboga, Uganda / East Africa











>>> work on the ROOF for Group House in Kiboga continues - it looks like in the plans - but in fact quality is poor because Starlight boss James Lukjamuzi took 180 USD and 160 USD and 200.000 UGX that does not into the roof now - bad development ...



but finally the house is not dark inside due to a mix of sheet metal and PVC on the roof ...







>>> Roof works began on Group House Site in Kiboga / Uganda
Materials are on site - George, Richard and soon Jimmy at work ...
>>> MGKB builders









>>> the 3 MGKB builders are back on Group House Site in Kiboga - finishing brickwork, wood work and water tank - looks half way good



... and the architect Volker Goebel got no idea about Phase 3 - THE ROOF - how to ensure that they do not run away with the money ?


James Lukjamuzi - the Founder and Director of Starlight Orphan School is going to take over this task - he gets the building money for


payouts on a daily base to MGKB for building phase 4 - THE ROOF



















Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd
Quality_Brick_wall_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors_Ltd_Kiboga_Group_House_Starlight Quality_Brick_wall_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors_Ltd_Kiboga_Group_House_Starlight
Building_Material_MGKB_Qualtiy_Bricks_Water_Tank_Group_House Building_Material_MGKB_Qualtiy_Bricks_Water_Tank_Group_House
Product_Family_MGKB_South_Side Product_Family_MGKB_South_Side - wir haben eine Produkt-Familie entwickelt - diese 3 Standart Häuser bietet MGKB an - es werden aber keine Bau-Abenteuer begonnen - nur Programm
Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors
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