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Group House - all building plans - MGKB Starlight edition Aug. 2017


Group House for all districts in Uganda is by far the most economic house

in the market - only 65.000.000 UGS or 18.000 USD is the cheapest offer

in the Uganda house market - and it offers 12 sleeping places fully fitted !


Group House comes with own land 20 x 20 Meter or 100 x 50 ft lot with a

land title and can be financed by 30 % cash and 70 % + inflation rate over

20 years by Rent/Buy contract in cooperation with local Centenary Bank ...










Building land for Group House near Kakiri / Mpegwe









Building Land for Group House Village near Kakiri


all building plans for Group House in one .pdf
PDF-Dokument [5.9 MB]








Building Land for Group House near Wakiso Town in Namesula





George Botyo and Richard Mugasho - 2 directors of MGKB 

building contractors Ltd. Uganda visiting Namusal building site

for Group Houses and Family Houses near Wakiso town centre


The MGKB team got Email now :






Mr. Josephat Ntegeka / Centenary Branch Manager wrote to MGKB :


"Good day to you Team. I apologize, I have just read the message now! I appreciate your interest in partnering with us. We do offer mortgage loans, how ever we need to know the payment plan you have, ownership, Land ownership and general business plans. Thanks."




"Good evening Team. I congratulate you on the progress made in regards to this noble project. Please feel free to engage for partnership. God bless you all. Thanks."


Mr. Josephat Ntegeka received the Rent/Buy Contracts for work-over

and putting local interest rate in - he also received all building plans

and picture of the MGKB building program and the BOQs - by MGKB









Price for Group House is 18.000 USD or 65.000.000 UGS


Financing is done be RENT/BUY contract - that means two

people buy it and pay 30 % cash - the other 70 % plus the

inflation rate over 20 years back to the Centenary Bank ...


you can download the single pictures and print them to sign

or you can download the .pdf to print and sign - please go

to your Centenary Branch with a member of MGKB builders.




Bank Contact for Rent/Buy clients:

Centenary Bank KIBOGA Branch

Mr. Josephat Ntegeka

Credit supervisor-housing loans / Branch Director

+ 256 772 99 25 26

Good Email :

Group House by MGKB only








Bank Contact for Rent/Buy clients:


Centenary Bank Mapeera Branch


Mr. Paul Byamugisha


Credit supervisor-housing loans


Tel +256 417 20 25 66


Group House by MGKB only



Original ArchiCAD 20 file Group House MGKB - add .pln and open it in ArchiCAD 20
Group House MGKB_Building_Plans.
Datei [32.7 MB]
an Uganda registered partner architect company with work with for Group House Starlight Kiboga
PDF-Dokument [48.6 KB]
a land measuring company we work with for Group House Starlight Kiboga
PDF-Dokument [276.1 KB]



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