Plans for "Group-House-Village 1" near Kiboga in Uganda

Plans for many Group Houses in Kiboga / Town in Uganda




Ugandas fast growing population needs 500.000 houses the next years.

Group-House-Village is a contributed solution to this huge building task.

All these plans are for free use by everybody who want to build a village.






that is a big project - we start on 2,5 acres of own land

and develop the project further on from this "start size"




complete Village Plan Set in one .pdf - Download it ...
Group House Starlight_Village.pdf
PDF-Dokument [20.8 MB]




Dear Volker Goebel

I hope all is well with you. Thanks for seeking my professional opinion. From a planning perspective, this is a very good venture.


Sure, as you may be aware, we have a housing deficit as a country. So group houses would go along way on trying to bridge this housing gap.


However, I am not very sure of the ability of Kiboga to rent/buy these houses, given that this is a still a small town, though it has the potential.

Head Production and Trade Planning
National Planning Authority (NPA)
1st Floor
Clement Hill Road Plot 17B
P.O Box 21434

Tel: +256414250229
Fax: +256414250213
Mob: +25677246182X







Dear honorable Ronald Kaggwa,

from Uganda Planning Office, Head of departement of production,


thanks for your professional opinion on the Group House. I sounds like

we are basically on a good way, and just the price of 18.000 US Dollar

will limit the amount of Group Houses we can build in / around Kiboga.


We take that as an advice to bring down the price to 15.000 US Dollar.


With best regards 

volker goebel

architect / dipl.-ing.



Group House in Kiboga District for 18.000 USD Price will start with 18.000 US Dollar and we try to bring it down to 15.000 US Dollar with the experience in building and supply of materials we hope to gain over the years. Ing. VG

Dear Ing. Goebel,

My apologies for not promptly responding to your earlier email. I will review and get back to you by Wednesday.
Many thanks,
Asumani Guloba, PhD
Manager, Policy Research and Innovation
National Planning Authority
Dear Dr. Asumani Guloba,
Please issue me an invitation letter from your departement.
I want to do good work to improve the living situation of the
people in central Uganda.
Am willing to meet you and to listen to your opinions, to in-
clude them into our planning and building work. Innovation
comes with me ... 
Best regards from
volker goebel
architect / dipl.-ing.


Group House in Kiboga District for 18.000 USD you can pleae make me "Manager for Local Government Development Planning" starting in Central Uganda / Kiboga


it will be good to have a title and a close connection to the planning house

in Kampala - i start as Local Manager in Central Uganda based in Kiboga ...

coming with ArchiCAD Software, Apple computer and 30 years experience.



It is also our declared target to build many Group Houses in Kiboga / Town

there is many empty lots of land to see and a renewal of existing buildings

also has to be done - Kiboga District need 5.000 / Uganda needs 50.000







have a look what makes a good Group House : here




Jimmy Kasole / Urban Planner

but also a real trade talent ...

Team Member with 34 % on

the to be founded MGK company.

Kiboga / Tel. 0758 198 200



JPG-Datei [302.0 KB]




the 3 films for GROUP HOUSE VILLAGE have been viewes by more then

15.000 viewers from the facebook audience :








Richard Mogashu / Civil Engineer

still very young but educated

Team member with 33 % on

the to be founded MGK company.

Kampala / Tel. 0755 490 660




this is a big 500 Liter (0,5 m3) conrete and mortar mixer from Israel.

A very common well known machine in Uganda - it was offered to us

for 12.500.000 UGS from the people who rent out such mixers. - For

MGK building company this is a tool to have - i am not sure about the

price yet - the price is very high - it is a 500 Liter mixer - good tool ...



studied construction management at Makerere University Kampala - a very clever and experienced builder
JPG-Datei [110.5 KB] - Roofing Rolling Mills / Kampala




complete with transport and drilling machine quotation
PDF-Dokument [185.3 KB]




PDF-Dokument [322.6 KB]
PDF-Dokument [284.1 KB]



Kiboga is on 1.000 meter - it is a mild moderate tropic climate - Uganda

gets 1.500 liters of rain per year on a squaremeter !!! - but not enough 

water wells drilled - so collecting rain water is an essential - we can have

some transparent roof elements - but only on a 50 % base, to keep the

"balance between light and temperature" - during the hottest hours we

can not work - working on rain days is also a problem - means 50 % !!!






Volker Goebel / architect dipl.-ing.

old mastermind, careful and experienced

Team Member with 33 % on

the to be fouded MGK company.

Switzerland / +41 79 424 61 48


you can work with the three single picture pages above - or you can download this .pdf with all 3 pages in one file
PDF-Dokument [2.6 MB]




if there is a country in the world that needs a massive amount of new

houses, then it is Uganda - the youngest population i have ever seen.


As an architect i see this as the most dynamic market in the world. It

will need huge programms to build 500.000 new group houses / year.


It needs rent/buy or lease/buy programms from all local banks to be

able to build such a massive amount of new homes for Uganda people.


Look at the building plans for the "Group House" - it serves basic needs

and provides home an shelter to 10 + 2 people in one group house ...


It makes sense to go to Uganda and to organize the biggest building

program the country has ever seen. Group houses for all the people.




western societies have 1,7 children

china had a 1 child policy


when i was born there has been 3 Mrd. people

when i die there will be 8 Mrd. people


how many children needed in Uganda ?

how much resources the 1 earth can give ?








Here we show you some photos from July 2017 on - see what happens 

in Kiboga / Uganda with the MGK Group House builder company team :




Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd.

Kiboga Branch

our contact : Martha

vice-manager : Josephat Ntegeka


he said : set up a company and we

are in business with rent/buy contract

for Group Houses in Kiboga District


Bank Contact for Rent/Buy clients:
Centenary Bank KIBOGA Branch
Mr. Josephat Ntegeka
Credit supervisor-housing loans / Branch Director
+ 256 772 99 25 26
Good Email :
Group House by MGKB only

first film about Group House village - incomplete but atmospheric ...








Mrs. Majorine Nabulime

the good office women

studied industrial production

at Makerere Univ. Kampala

she is interested in MGK







second film about Group House village - complete mind set draft ...






first quote - we expect an overworked quote soon ...
Starlight Group House Quotation 25-7-17.[...]
PDF-Dokument [410.1 KB]


Hurray - we have received a first offer for the Group House - the price is

very very near to what i have calculated, they only have steel doors and

windows in we do not want ! - We overwork our quote to perfection now.


That gives us the choice : 1. getting it build by a professional company

or 2. building the 22 group house village houses with our own team ...

Please download the first quotation .pdf above the HBL company logo.


i can not read the Bill of Quantities from HBL - i just do not find the 

Group House in it - Engineer Richard Mugasho is doing a good BOQ







we are searching FLAT building land for 1.500.000 UGS / acre


a first idea of the LAND we want to build GROUP HOUSE VILLAGE on.

1 acre = 4.046 sqm cost 1.500.000 Uganda Shilling = 413 US Dollar


please follow this link to see the advertisement :


our contact is Mr. Kaljebara - phone number +256 759 224 572


the land is 8 km out of Kiboga town by the river mayanjja

Jimmy Kasole is going to visit the land and makes a map & plan


we are only interested in FLAT and DRY land for building ...

and having a good fertile soil around is very much welcomed


but Mr. Kaljebara seems to be a corn man ...

he did not send any information to the land !


Complete building plans with measurement for a Group House Village - Download - for free - everybody can use it
Group House Starlight_Village.pdf
PDF-Dokument [20.8 MB]




Detailed Building plans house 1:100 .pdf on the " Group House " page


you are actually on the village page - only measurement for village here




Group House VILLAGE is an utopia - a target in a reachable distance

first we build Group Houses in Kiboga town - later we do the VILLAGE



0041 (0)79 424 61 48




Volker Goebel






schöne, aber veraltete Besuchskarte - nur zur Erinnerung



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