GmbH in Liquidation - wird im April 2018 wieder aktiviert !?



Politische Kräfte DE+CH konnten sich noch nicht z. Auftrag durchringen.

Zur Zeit ist die Ing. Goebel GmbH in Liquiditation Dauer ca. 27 Monate.


NEU - im April 2017 wird die GmbH wieder zur vollen Handlungsfähigkeit

aktiviert - Die GmbH besteht ja noch ... und wird den EU call gewinnen !


Im wahrscheinlichen Fall des Gewinns der EU Bewerbung LCE-30-2017

wird die Gesellschaft direkt nach dem Gewinn wieder reaktiviert. In the

probable case of winning the LCE-30-2017 application we reactivate the

GmbH from status "Liquidation" to "full active" to serve the EU Comm.



M_Logo_Goebel_GmbH_un-Liquidation_Website_Ingenieur-und_Architekturbuero_Brunnen_Schweiz GmbH in Liquidation, in der Schweiz dauert das sehr lange ... während dieser Zeit existiert die GmbH aber noch ... und nun im März 2017 machen wir die GmbH wieder vollständig aktiv!
Der GmbH Liquidationstermin (mit Urkunde siehe Anlage) hat am 04. Nov. 2016 im Notariat Schwyz stattgefunden.
PDF-Dokument [182.5 KB]



GmbH Liquidation wurde am 08.11.2016 im Tagesregister eingetragen
und erschien am 11. Nov. 2016 im SHAB (Schweiz. Handelsamtsblatt)




25.11.2016 - Unterschrift Abgabe GmbH in Liq. an Treuhänder Dober SZ

30.11.2016 - Handelsregister Eintrag LGF Treuhänder Herrn Dober Goldau

März 2017 - Die GmbH Geschäftsführung übernimmt wieder Ing. Goebel



Brief HR SZ wg. GmbH Aktivierung.pdf
PDF-Dokument [239.5 KB]

Nachtrag aus März 2017 in diese schön ältere Seite aus Nov. 2016


GTKW 5.4 in a professional repository FILM


as the drawings get more and more technical and scientific,

we decided to make a film for that the wider public can easily

understand what GTKW is, can do, and how it looks like :



suddenly, another letter from EU Commission / FUNDING

but NO chance in Horizon 2020 for Switzerland based ...?



(i work on that subject only in my free time, evenings and weekends ...

me, not a company) Project time is many years, no more work this year)

Last site edit : 18.11.2016 by Dipl.-Ing. Volker Goebel / Architect


9 to 12 Mio. EUR funds for CO2 carbon capture / Research & Innovation

EU call is open - find LCE-30-2017 (end of application 05. Jan. 2017 !)

open for EU based company, institutes, universitys and other ...


4 to 6 Mio. EUR funds for nuclear waste plans / Research & Innovation

ONLY - see the priority - the call LCE was closed 5 Oct. 2016 missed it




we do apply now for funding, money by the "EU Commission"

- to do the long term calculations for 4 nuclear repositorys

- to continue location search & general construction planning

we mainly do EU safe nuclear waste repository planning



Application letter for EU funds for "safe nuclear repository planning" EU - general construction plans and long term corrosion calculation
PDF-Dokument [587.7 KB]


es schreibt wieder die natürliche Person Volker Goebel / ohne GmbH

it is possible to set up a new company in the EU sector soon - we do

"nuclear repository planning" for the EU and associated countrys ...


Ing. V. Goebel head of nuclear waste planning in the EU 2106 / self made business card Masterplanner Ing. Goebel was best nuclear repository planner in the EU and CH in 2016



die ausgewählten Steinsalz-Schichten sind ca. 245 Mio. Jahre alt 

IOD 129 HWZ 14,5 Mio. J.. Steinsalz ist leicht viskos, "drückt" zu

Alle Arten von Metall-Behältern geben durch Korrosion auf, lange

bevor die Gamma Strahlung abgeklungen ist. Die Toxizität wird

niemals mehr vergehen. Alle Planungen von V. Goebel beziehen

sich auf Bohrtechnologien Stand der Technik, und es werden nur

Zugangsgebäude in die Geologien hinein geplant. Die Zugangsge-

bäude haben Betonwände um in der Bau-und Einlagerungsphase

dem Bergdruck zu wiederstehen. Nur mit Betonwänden erreicht

man die notwendigen Einlager-Tiefen, den Abstand zur Biosphäre.



the salt rock geologies we found in Germany are app. 245 Mio. years old.

Looking into other maps we see that many countrys have such geologies

that includes also EU, USA and Russia. - IOD 129 for example is one of

many fission products in nuclear waste, it has a half decay time of 14,5

Mio. years. The german commission said 1 Mio. years storage is duty !

All metal containers give up by corrosion much earlier than that, so only

geologic nuclear repositories can do it. In the 4 general building plans we

worked out in construction plans over the last 3,5 years you only see the

Entrance-Buildings to go deep into deep geologies. The walls are made

of thick reinforced concrete to withstand the mountain pressure mainly

from above. Only with the concrete walls humans manage to go deep for

that the distance to the biosphere where we live is given. We have been

planning with modern full-cut Tunnel- and Shaftdrilling technologies.


TTEL, GTKW or DBHD - 1 of 3 decision for high level waste system now

ART-TEL - for light level nuclear waste - the ultimate Volume-Solution


we have : south of Kröpelin, and near Moeckow - both in M-V, Germany

both not taken by the cavernes of the natural gas industry yet. Both are

deep. We should reserve them for nuclear waste repository buildings. If

other countries are interested we work out solutions for them with grace.



Tabelle Endlager Planungen Deutschland 2016 nuclear waste repository planning table Germany / Endlagertabelle Deutschland / Nov. 2016





please see the 4 overview pages with the 2 locations :


DBHD 1.0 and GTKW 5.3 and TTEL 2.2 and ART-TEL 1.1


we have to write summarys in english for the EU countrys - Fundings

we have to translate all drawings into english anyway for scientists ...




comsol multiphysics software for TTEL ART-TEL DBHD GTKW



for safe nuclear waste repositories you have to do long term calculationes


- the saltrock geology has Physical propperties - 5,6 W/m2xK and ...

- the waste does emitt heat - that heat is going somewhere (Physics)

- the cannisters are under corrosion - how long do they last (Chemistry)

- the entrance building is under pressure stress (Physics again)


so we contacted Amphos21 Scientists (the best in nuclear worldwide !)

and we contacted all universitys in germany, switzerland and austria

we have all the people it need on hand - what we need is funding money


for example the offer from Amphos21 Scientists that can combine the

talent of Comsol Multiphysics with Chemical PhreeqC data. Perfect !!!

please see their offer again - Architect has to see many people to get

the informations how to develop the 4 projects further. DBHD is 1 st.


We can work with year budgeds from 150.000 to 350.000 Euro for

the architect and several good scientific workers with him. Nuclear

repositories cost around 4 Mrd. EUR - the nuclear leftovers exist ...


Contact details - Head of G4 unit Rita Lecbychova / Fission Energy and nuclear waste




we do "safe nuclear waste repository planning" here for years now.

We work with the power industry, the institutes, the politic members,

with german commission and also with the people from the locations

where the good geologies are. - We do not have many trouble as we

are professional architects and Engineers. As the plans include for a

location and its local people 600 Mio. EUR in compensations there is

no trouble. - We do safe nuclear waste repository planning for years.

And we are good in that. - Now it is about long term calculationes in

Comsol, developing plans further, doing plans for other countrys too.

We even changed Russia this year - the also do plans now and they

have set up a programm. - Give fundings please and enable us to

work for many EU countries. - We are good in that, and we do it ...






concerning the geologies we had the BIG LUCK to be handed out

a geological map of the saltstone in north-east germany. There

the rocksalt is thick and not taken yet by natural gas industry ...


the geological map from Dr. Karsten Obst / LUNG turned out to be

the absolute best information available in the repository sector. it

is very uneasy to get this data today. - But we have printed map


Try to get the geological Map  M-V - it has ISBN Number - just try it ...


Strukturen im Untergrund nach oberflächengeophysikalischen Ergebnissen

1. Aufl. 1997 ISBN 3-9804117-3-7 / CD € 25,-

Geology Cut Germany North-East / geological map Dr. Obst / LUNG
Letter from LUNG giving expert advice on locations with best rocksalt layers / Dr. K. Obst
Rocksalt Germany M-V - Steinsalz aus feuchter Kalt-Lagerhalle "Bohrkernlager" - down in the saltrock layer the rockstone is verywarm and dry (then white, not grey) good saltrock MV DE




The rocksalt is a leftover from salt water. I took millions of years to 

get layers from 1.600 meter thickness and more. The rocksalt dates

back app. 245 Mio. Years - Period we call "Zechstein" DE & Perm INT


The rocksalt is there for more then 245 Mio. years AND we anticipate

that it will be there for another 1 Mio. years - and we also anticipate

that it will be there for ever and ever and ever. 5,6 W/m2xK conduc.


It is so deep that even new ice ages will not cut it free. Its density is

bit less then rockstone. 1,9 to 2,2 to be exact. It is completely dry.

if fluid waste leaves canisters - rocksalt sucks it up in some meters.


The gamma radiation goes less then 1 meter deep into Rocksalt and

causes a light blue color. But color for rocksalt in geological maps is

also blue. Do not mix that up. Radiation only 1 meter far in Rocksalt.


The high density of rocksalt and its lightly viscos character fills the

drilling holes within month. That is caused by the weight of above

and the "slow creeping character" of rocksalt. - repository geology


Some fission products in high level nuclear waste like IOD 129 which

is an alpha and beta ray emitter (but not gamma rays) live long until

they are stabile again. IOD 129 got half decay time of 14,5 Mio. years


After working with rocksalt for more then 10 years now i can follow

the commen scientific experts that rocksalt is the best ever geology

you can take for safe nuclear waste repository building  Ing. Goebel




General understanding rocksalt and the geology above (Sediments) and underneath (crust)




Ihr Schreiben vom 30.09.2016: CD mit Endlager-Planungen/ Bewerbung zum Vorhabens-Träger Stand AG


Dr. Martin Post - Büro Gudrun Zollner, MdB


1 Anlage (Bundesadler)



Sehr geehrter Herr Goebel,


hiermit darf ich Ihnen den Eingang Ihres Schreibens vom 30.09.2016, in dem Sie auf die Endlager-Planung eingehen, bestätigen.


Im Namen von Frau Zollner danke ich Ihnen dafür und sie wird gegebenenfalls zu diesem Thema auf Sie zurückkommen.


Bei eventuellen Rückfragen steht Ihnen Frau Zollner bzw. unser Büro gerne zur Verfügung.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Dr. Martin Post

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Telefon: +49 (0) 30 / 22 77 93 93
Telefax: +49 (0) 30 / 22 77 63 96
E-Mail:   gudrun.zollner.ma09@bundestag.ed






Schriftführerin im Deutschen Bundestag


Ordentliches Mitglied im

      -     Ausschuss für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

      -     Sportausschuss

      -     Unterausschuss Bürgerschaftliches Engagement



Abgeordnetenbüro Berlin

Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin


Telefon: +49 (0) 30 22 77 93 93
Telefax: +49 (0) 30 22 77 63 96 


E-Mail:    gudrun.zollner@bundestag.ed


Twitter:   @GudrunZollner




Sehr geehrte MdB Zollner, sehr geehrter Herr Dr. M. Post,


Danke für Ihr ordentliches Schreiben das uns stark macht. Das Frau

MdB Zollner im Ausschuss Bürgerliches Engagement sitzt ist der 

Grund für unseren Brief gewesen. - Ihre Antwort zeigt gute Haltung.


Gerne kann der Bundestag auf die Bewerbung zum Vorhabensträger

zurückkommen. - Wir machen Endlager - jeden Tag - und unfallfrei.


Das die CSU Landesgruppe sich über die beiden Standorte in M-V

freut ist nachvollziehbar. - Die sind aber nach wissenschaftlichen

Kriterien ausgewählt. B-Tag und B-Rat können schon abstimmen.


Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich für Ihr Schreiben und die klaren

Worte. Ich wünsche Ihnen in der politischen Arbeit viel Erfolg und

für heute einen schönen Tag. - Meinen Respekt haben Sie verdient.


Mit besten Grüssen - Ing. Goebel




... es gab noch eine ganze Reihe weiterer Schreiben. Aber die meisten

haben auf Papier geschrieben und das müssen wir erst noch scannen.

4 Briefe vorab. Dauert, kommt aber auch bald in die Website ... lg vg



PDF-Dokument [379.2 KB]
overview nuclear waste repository planning germany DBHD GTKW TTEL ART-TEL uebersicht Endlager Planung Deutschland Decision 1 or 2 or 3 but ART-TEL anyway - Decision frame for german parliament (Example)



above you see : TTEL, GTKW, DBHD and ART-TEL ...


EU language is DGR = Deep Geologic Repository


we say " safe nuclear waste repository " here


over 8.211 views at google+ (even if nuclear repository is a theme

the people usually do not live very much - other themes they love)







2nd letter from EU advisor exactly a week later


his letter shows an open door ... they have been reading it all ! YEAH 


Lets go further in GTKW CO2 5.3 devolopment, that is geothermal use

of CO2 in a captured form. Making electric power with waste heat and

keeping the CO2 away from atmosphere. Future of civilazion on earth.


for sure there is still RESEARCH questions open it is real INNOVATION




Original 2nd letter from EU commission advisor Pierre Vigier / opens door to GTKW CO2
EU opens door for geological CO2 storage / GTKW does that with grace - YEAH
CO2 is Oxigen plus Carbon plus Oxigen / connected to one element




Link to call for Geological CO2 storage pilots / EU call 



we will apply fundings for GTKW CO2 5.3


this development is ongoing for 12 years already - we are on 87 %


- but we need to check " CO2 influence on saltrock wall "

- but we need to " calculate the whole system in Comsol multiphysics "

- but we need to do " better investment calcuation " based on offers

- but we need to check "partition of CO2 out of exhaust system of

  natural gas power plant in Rostock* - close to GTKW CO2 location


so lets see what was worked out in the last 12 years :


- GTKW collects CO2 in huge salt 2 cavernes each 440.000 m2

- GTKW heats CO2 daily to 48 °C for having 140 bar pressure !

- GTKW does app. 540 MW el powewr for app. 4 hours per day


it is the ultimate machine - no CO2 emmissions but electric

power and need - runs until eternity - future of mankind ...





CO2 chart with GTKW in - the character of CO2 - very good chart - thanks Archi Roy India
pure GTKW CO2 system, cavernes, pipes, cooling box, generator house, green houses, nukes
Attention - OLD PICTURE - the nuclear rods are min 700 Meters deeper now - Picture is GTKW 5 means 5.0 - we are on 5.3 now
JPG-Datei [137.2 KB]
CO2 is a fluid with the properties of a gas / here you see it undercooled for transport DE
there is not many conferences on that matter yet / but CO2 is a very worthy material i think
GTKW CO2 carbon capture, storage and untilization / how the surface building looks like
overview main general construction drawings CO2 circulating power plant GTKW Version 5.3



this development is ongoing for 12 years already - we are on 87 %


- but we need to check " CO2 influence on saltrock wall "

- need to " calculate the whole system in Comsol multiphysics "

- but we need to do " better investment calcuation " based on offers

- but we need to check "partition of CO2 out of exhaust system of

  natural gas power plant in Rostock* - close to GTKW CO2 location


we have all the names of the scientific people that wants to work on

GTKW deeper in our records and files - it became a funding question.

As geothermal heat is not enough there is hot nuke containers deep

shall we keep the target making MW power daily or only capture CO2 ?

then we loose the ability to solve the nuke waste in same geology !


GTKW is loved by nuclear waste people, it takes the 21 MW/sec heat

away, it is loved by all people because it collects the CO2, it gives

warmth to green houses with vegetables and wine, and 540 MWel.

It is recommended to build a 1:500 working model before going in

a huge building that cost a lot of money - real model will show it !



MO 14. Nov. 2016 letter from EU Advisor Mr. Pierre Vigier
PDF-Dokument [10.5 MB]




Dear Ing. Goebel,


I have no particular advice on the best way to apply. The website gives however some hints in this respect (as well as regards criteria for evaluation) that are valuable.


Also worth to remember is the fact that sometimes the access to the application system is overcharged. Therefore, it is wise not to wait the last day to upload the application…


Best regards





Added value of Research and Innovation

of the European Union


Logo EU Commission


European Commission

DG Research & Innovation


ORBN 03/132

1049 Brussels/Belgium

+32 229-62318








>>> Pre application for LCE-30-2017 call



Dear honorable Mr. Vigier, Advisor to EU Commission,


Thank you very much for your letter 14.11.16 with information.


The funding volume of 9 to 12 Mio. is for an engineer working

for 12 years now with numerous Drs. Prof. Ing. people a shock.

Until now we have been low budget scientific workers GTKW.


The answer to that is: we apply for 9 Mio. EUR, take a small

portion over and give back to EU for what we can not proove

relevant use within research & innovation work CO2 capture.


GTKW is in fact an impact on the markets and civilazion that

can reach up to safe the planet and ensure mankinds existence

on earth including the full biosphere with all animals and plants.


We do appy for EU fundings because we are sure that our CO2

storage in deep salt cavernes is what many EU countries are able

to realize. - After 12 years !! finally we can solve last questions ?


EU funding for excellent research and innovation can start soon.

If you wait 5 month after end of submission in Jan. 2017 we can

be dead by that time. (It was so hard the last years.) It's too long.


Herewith i give any other person or company or state the full

rights to develop GTKW CO2 5.3 further for the case i do not

live any longer when EU decides. GTKW is on the internet ...


read above in orange text what we want to use the money for.


TODAY (14.11.2116) i received information that swiss authority

paying me stop payments now - BECAUSE i work to much on

GTKW and women. Formal reason is : GmbH is in Liquidation

and they say i do not have a right to have a company and to get

money from local Kanton Schwyz. - Down by law - Last weeks.

Eine Rechtsgrundlage hat das Amt für Arbeit nicht. - Suizid !


With best regards


Volker Goebel



Architect / Dipl.-Ing.


main GTKW CO2 5.3 developer


thanks to the huge amount of scientific workers over the years




this is how my last business card looked like - if you realy want to ruin your company do geologial repository planning - the politicians discuss that for centurys - a single engineer with the help of the community does all building plans in 3,5 years &



the company is in liquidation and can't do other than liquidation acts and waiting for 3 calls to whomever the company own money. But debt free.

But it is by law, have to wait for end of 3 public calls in swiss "Amtsblatt"


For an EU funding of an immense volume (it is in fact not so expensive to

find the solutions - money can't replace ingenious developers) therefore

i can set up a company in an EU country if you see that as good manners.




Link to call for Geological CO2 storage pilots / EU call 


Overview EU programm LCE-30-2017 / Research and Innovation in geological CO2 strorage
readable description of EU Call LCE-30-2017 with words from Ing. Goebel preparing for official fund application
JPG-Datei [2.5 MB]
Titelbild vom nuklearforum Schweiz - Fakten in den Volksentscheid bringen ..

Oh my god - Public democratic voting on : Should civil nuclear energy

finish in 2029 in Switzerland? One of these popular initiatives. - KKW

are old here - but no accicents in 48 years ! - Nuclear powerstations

are a long term investment. But they produce to high prices but it is

clean energy - my work in nuclear repository planning makes nuclear

energy safer and cleaner and cares for the leftovers by using them ...

GTKW is the ultimate machine - but not possible for Switzerland, here

saltrock layer only 50 Meters (inland) in north germany rocksalt layers

up to 1.600 meter thick !!! So we burry the leftovers in Germany then.







Link to call for Geological CO2 storage pilots / EU call 



Hey EU - if you want the Know-How to do CCS

by GTKW - put money on the table !!! But do

not tell me " Very good - in a year we decide " !


We are studied engineers doing PLANS, and


we do not write novels, and fiction in words.


Put money of the table and you have it ready

to build in 2 years. If you can not pay it now

fuck off ... We do serious res. and innovation.



... have send information to several universitys and institutes to make

them aware of the EU call for geological CO2 capture. Also have send

information to companys and government commission member DE ...


it might be good to do it on EU level - the unused saltrock is mainly

in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Germany - but local chancelor Merkel

comes from there, and has her local election circle there - nobody 

can win an elections with geological CO2 capture and nuclear repos.

Therefore is is good to be finally on EU level with GTKW CO2 5.3 ...

12 year ago we started in a community on an open field - then

circle by circle up to country level, than national level, now EU !


GREAT - the LCE-30-2017 CO2 is mentioned in a explicit manner within the general EU program - is duty and task
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]




No EU funds for swiss based persons ...

but i am german from passport - EU system ignores that 

WHY did you ban out swiss based people  ??? Yet nothing is

decided here concerning free choice of workplace in Europe.

You violate the work rights of an EU associated country !!!


it turned out that swiss based persons can not apply for LCE-30-2017

so i would have to found a company in the EU or work as partner for

an EU based company. Like GRS or Ökoinstitut or DBE or BGE - OK !



Lets look into the GTKW CO2 5.3 possible DE Team:


Konkret angeschrieben wurden folgende Fachleute und eine ganze

Reihe von TU Thermodynamikern, weil die Wärme rechnen können :


Fachleute für CO2

Dear Dr. Molinero (Amphos 21 / Spain, France)

Dear Mr. Archi Roy, scientist in fluid gases, specialized in CO2, India

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Chemiker Sailer (Ökoinstitut)

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Span (Uni Bochum)



Fachleute Endlagerung : Experts in Nuclear Waste Repository Texts

Sehr geehrter Herr Sailer, (Öko-Institut e.V.) - Head Scientist

Dipl.-Chemiker - wahrscheinlich auch vertieftes CO2 Wissen

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald (KIT Karlsruhe)

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Röhlig, (TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld)

Sehr geehrter Herren Dr. Bracke. Dr. Appelt, Dr. Mönig, (GRS Köln)

Sehr geehrter Herr Krone, (DBE GmbH, Salzgitter)



Fachmann Tiefbohrtechnik Universität Freiberg (Deep Drilling)

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Matthias Reich, (TU Freiberg)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Hofmann,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.-Ing. Reitenbach, (TU Clausthal)



Fachleute für die Geologie des Zechsteins / Perm (Geologists)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Karsten Obst / LUNG M-V

Sehr geehrte GRS Geologen Dr. Mönig und Dr. Bracke

BGR BGE - falls die überhaupt noch Kapazität haben

Geoforschungs-Zentrum Potsdam (noch existent?)



Fachleute Thermodynamik und Langzeit-Berechnung

Experts in thermodynamic long term calculation

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hasse,

Sehr geehrter Herr  Dr.-Ing. Nau,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.-Ing. Stroefer,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Span, (CO2 Thermo-D., Maschbau, BO)

Sehr geehrter Herr M.Sc. Kessler,

Sehr geehrter Herr M.Sc. Weiss,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Fiebig (TU Freiberg, Thermodynamik)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. rer. nat. Reinmöller,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Hasslberger,

Sehr geehrte Dipl.-Ing. Frau Boblenz,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Pennings,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sattelmayer,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Mathematiker Wittig,



Expert in safe nuclear waste repository planning 

general construction plans and location scouting

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Goebel - Head Scientist


we also need experts in chemistry of gases CO2, physics,

mineralogie of rocksalt, business, law and no press officer.


when we all apply together - we win it a 100 %

it is a 9 to 12 Mio. EUR call - 44 days left until

call time is up on 5th Jan. 2017 - so do it NOW


this is the list of best working Scientists for GTKW

later we also need a team to verify results then ...





Mr. Pierre Vigier wrote " I am very sorry" but all the time he know from

where i have been writing to him. - I am not amused. - Sorry Pierre ...

Later on Mr. Vigier from EU showed a better performance ...




1 Ingenieur und ganz ganz viele Beamte und Verwalter die zwar nie

eine Zeichnung auf den Tisch legen, und nichts bewegen, dafür aber

den Ingenieuren die arbeiten die Zeit stehlen und alles lahm legen ...

Research and Innovation wird von Menschen gemacht die Rahmen-

bedingungen brauchen um wertvolle Innovationen zu erarbeiten !!!



suddenly, another letter from EU commission - from the office of the

President of EU parliament Martin Schulz office - they say that there

is other institutions and programms and calls - only for EU residents


radiation_in_Rocksalt_only_one_meter.jpg radiation_in_rocksalt_only_1_meter.jpg


the general ability of nuclear 

waste repositories is given by

the fact that saltrock geology

can store nuclear just forever










for that you readers have all the useful link information available :


Your letter to European Parliament REF GEDA A(2016)11808


15.11.2016 19:01






Dear Mr Goebel,


The Citizens' Enquiries Unit of the European Parliament acknowledges receipt of your message dated 7 November 2016, addressed to the President of the European Parliament, Mr Martin Schulz concerning nuclear waste repository planning.


The Citizens' Enquiries Unit of the European Parliament has been asked to reply.  We note your correspondence with the European Commission on the matter.


First, we must clarify that Ms Rita Rita Lečbychová works at the European Commission DG Research & Innovation which is a separate EU institution to the European Parliament.


Further to the responses of 18 June 2015 and 9 October 2015, the decision on whether to use nuclear energy rests solely with the Member States themselves. At EU level, however, increasing efforts are being made to improve the safety standards of nuclear power plants and to ensure that radioactive waste is safely handled and disposed of.


The Joint Research Centre is the key partner dealing with the development of advanced nuclear fuel cycles including the separation and incineration of long-lived waste constituents for conversion into short-lived isotopes, thus decreasing the time-window for geological disposal safety concerns. The JRC is cooperating with industry in improving governance, cooperation and technology in this field.


In general The EU's Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management Directive requires that:

  • EU countries should have a national policy
  • EU countries draw up national programmes for the disposal of nuclear waste. These programmes have to include plans for the construction of nuclear waste disposal facilities
  • Relevant information on radioactive waste and spent fuel be made available to the public
  • EU countries invite international peer reviews at least every ten years
  • the export of radioactive waste to countries outside the EU is allowed only under strict conditions


The European Parliament’s role in the decision-making process under the Euratom Treaty is limited since it has only consultation powers. Nevertheless, in its various resolutions on the topic, it has consistently put emphasis on the need to clarify the distribution of responsibilities between EU institutions and Member States and strengthen the EU common framework, as well as on the importance of improving safety and environmental protection requirements. More information on the European Parliament’s role is available here:


The Directorate-General (DG) for Energy of the European Commission publishes regularly calls for proposals and calls for tenders regarding energy related projects. Among them several calls concern nuclear energy. In order to be informed on the actual calls, we recommend you to consult regularly the website of DG Energy.


The calls for tenders are accessible at the link provided. You can find the calls for proposals at the link provided.


The complete information describing how to submit projects is available on the mentioned websites under the relevant call.


We hope that you have found this information useful and thank you for contacting the European Parliament.



Yours sincerely,


Citizens' Enquiries Unit 



Thank you for this good but not so much helpful letter - lazy EU ...


sieht aus wie Werbung - aber bis dahin kann man mit GTKW CO2 und Endlager kommen ...






suddenly, - another letter (Nr. 5) from the EU





Dear Ing. Goebel,


As previously indicated, I am not an expert in funding procedures, so my help can be only limited and I have no idea if it is complete, but it is the best I can provide. I had suggested to see the contact points on the Portal. Here you can note that there is a network to help for applications (so-called network of National contact points).


The Swiss contact for legal aspects (I understand that this is the type of issue you raise) indicated there is:

Dr Regina Schneider - Switzerland

Legal and Financial Aspects

Organisation name: Euresearch

Address: Effingerstrasse 19, 3008, Bern, Switzerland

Tel: +41313806002 - Fax: +41313806003

Send Mail - Website:


The Swiss contact to help Swiss SMEs is:

Gerhard Gass - Switzerland

SMEs - Access to Finance - Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy; & Biotechnology -

Organisation name: Euresearch

Address: Effingerstrasse 19, 3008, Bern, Switzerland

Tel: +41313806015 - Fax: +41313806003

Send Mail - Website:


Regarding Swiss participation, the general information is there.


Apart of the idea to check with the Swiss contact points if they see a solution for your case (such as subcontracting possibilities), the terms of access to the electronic exchange system are indicated there:

The Portal, give also a link for inquiries (but they specify to ask questions two weeks before the closure of the call).


I cannot provide a contact name in my DG as the practical issues of participation to the funding are the remit of another entity, namely the Research Executive Agency



Yours sincerely


Pierre Vigier




Best regards

Pierre Vigier




Added value of Research and Innovation

of the European Union

European Commission

DG Research & Innovation

ORBN 03/132

1049 Brussels/Belgium

+32 229-62318





meine ersten Gedanken dazu : first reaction on friday evening :

lets check all the links again volker and talk with the swiss experts how to allow a german passport holder in Switzerland to participate in the EU call LCE-30-2017 - that is an after work task volker ...


follow up on it volker







suddenly, - 1st letter from LUNG / M-V / DE


they have send the "Original" - the original geological map of the

saltrock layers in M-V / De - this is the thickest layers of salt in

all europe and it can do CO2 capture and nuclear waste repository.


I am soooooo happy to have received this original data of map.

Does the world know what this map means ? - Do they know ?

These blue salt geologies are white gold for CO2 & nuclear ...


Geological map showing the saltrock, halit, Stassfurt Salts,

in north east germany down to more then 4.600 meters - it

is the brave work of World Top Geologist Dr. Karsten Obst


we are happy and glad to offer you the map of historical age

Perm also called Zechstein to the world. And here She is ...

Thank you M-V / LUNG - with all respect possible !!!



the original / das Original / Vorderseite / Frontside

Strukturen_Untergrund_Vorderseite.jpg - kam mit dem Dateinamen und als .tif 300px/inch
Das Original vom Amt ... LUNG M-V DE - Danke /// Original by the Authority LUNG M-V DE - Thank you
Tagged Image File [14.9 MB]
Das internetfähige .jpg Original von Ing. Goebel
JPG-Datei [96.6 MB]
another 51,54 EUR for CO2 capture and nuclear repository research - Ing. Goebel
PDF-Dokument [683.1 KB]





the original / das Original / Rückseite / Backside (contains a mistake !)

Strukturen_Untergrund_Rueckseite.jpg - kam mit dem Dateinamen und als.tif 300px/inch
Das Original vom Amt ... LUNG M-V DE - Danke /// Original by the Authority LUNG M-V DE - Thank you
Tagged Image File [8.1 MB]



einige Worte zu M-V & VG und zur Entstehung des Steinsalzes :


Ihr sendet mir diese Daten - seid offenbar ohne Groll, oder jemand hat einfach nicht aufgepasst - oder ist das Schicksal eines Landes das eine Karte anfertigen liess, die das Steinsalz offen zeigt und kartiert hat. Ich

danke für jede sinnlose Probebohrung nach Öl die die DDR sich geleistet

hat - aus den Bohrungsverzeichnissen lies sich diese Karte erstellen. - Da

das Steinsalz binnen kurzer Zeit einer Hitze entstand. Als die Erde aus Gravitationswärme aufkochte, und alles Wasser für Jahrhunderte in der Atmosphäre war - Das Zechsteinmeer ist das Salz eines Urmeeres. Es

ist sehr rein und hat eine Mächtigkeit die an vielen Stellen 1.600 Meter 

aufweist. Diese Salzschichten sind von den Sedimenten von 245 Mio. Jahren bedeckt - seitdem liegt das Steinsalz dort unten trocken & warm.

Wir Menschen Tiere und Pflanzen leben auf diesen Sedimenten der sich

immer weiter vollziehenden Erosion der Berge und Wüsten. Tief unter

uns das Steinsalz mit Warmedurchgangskoeffizient 5.6 W / m2xK. Das

Salz ist zu Stein geworden ! Gesteine haben 2.200 - 2.500 kg / m3 an

Dichte und Gewicht, Steinsalz hat 1.980 kg / m3 an Dichte und Gewicht.



Aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht sind diese Super-Geologien für die Lagerung von nuklearen Abfallstoffen geeignet. Obwohl das noch zu prüfen ist gibt es Wissenschaftler in den USA, Israel, Russland, Deutschland und er Schweiz die nachweisen wollen das Steinsalz auch geeignet ist das gesamte CO2 eines Kohlekraftwerkes aufzunehmen - Die Idee der Lagerung von CO2 in Kavernen im Steinsalz ist eine Idee unserer Zeit. Abscheiden & Lagern. Das GTKW kann man sogar mit Abgasen betanken. Da ist genug CO2 drin um die Anlage schon mal auf 13 % laufen zu lassen. CO2 ist so viel schwerer als Luft das man es ganz gut trennen kann. CO2 kann sogar Fliessen aus Schwerkraft. CO2 ist in hohen Konzentrationen in der Lage bei nur 48°C einen Druck von 140 bar aufzubauen. Nur Methan ist noch stärker, aber Methan kann explodieren und das wollen doch nicht !!! Wir bleiben bei

CO2 und Steinsalz - Da ist ein CO2 Labor gefragt das Versuche macht.

Herr Dr. Mönig ist schon dran - zumindest für nukleare Reststoffe.




einige Worte zu den Nutzungsmöglichkeiten des Steinsalzes


- we do "safe nuclear waste repository planning "

- we do research and innovation on CO2 capture, use and re-use 


we - that is Goebel and the knowledge of several scientific society from

many country - we researched the world knowledge on that - 12 years


EU got 9 to 12 Mio. EUR in account for CO2 capture - important issue

we can offer a GTKW CO2 concept in Version 5.3 - is on 87 % yet ...


volker, do translation into english for that the other EU countries can

read that - they have to understand about the propperty of the german

rocksalt layers. Thickness, Temp., Pressure, Density and 245 Mio. yrs.



GTKW nuclear repository CO2 capture part of technical drawing Nr. 018 from original GTKW construction plans
we followed written advice by Dr. Karsten Obst Geologist / LUNG Güstrow M-V DE


german top geologist for saltrock has given us advice where to find the best rocksalt layers - we decided then to start between cussian called

Kröpelin and Bad Doberan - good salt deeper then map shows here ...





Area for GTKW 5.3 or DBHD 1.0 / in and on salt layers south of Kröpelin / M-V / Germany
2.000 Meters sediments - then 1.600 Meters rocksalt - then volcanic rockstone
JPG-Datei [1.2 MB]



we present general CO2 capture and nuclear repository plans

for example in locations with rocksalt geology, here Germany


for german parliament decision there is a few options given:

DBHD or TTEL or GTKW - but in any case ART-TEL for that

programm suits the german and swiss canister amounts ...


but for sure the salt structures are so big in Germany that

if politicians agree, Germany can cooperate with other EU

countrys that do not have such super geologies in country.



Area for TTEL 2.2 and ART-TEL 1.2 in and on 7 km rocksalt cussian Möckow / M-V / Germany
800 m Sediments - then 2.000 Meters rocksalt - then volcanic rockstone
JPG-Datei [964.9 KB]



please see the 4 overview pages with the 2 locations :


DBHD 1.0 and GTKW 5.3 and TTEL 2.2 and ART-TEL 1.1



Link to call for Geological CO2 storage pilots / EU call 



we will apply fundings for GTKW CO2 5.3 - EU offers 9 to 12 Mio. EUR


GTKW development is ongoing for 12 years already - we are on 87 %


- but we need to check " CO2 influence on saltrock wall "

- but we need to " calculate the whole system in Comsol multiphysics "

- but we need to do " better investment calcuation " based on offers

- but we need to check "partition of CO2 out of exhaust system of

  natural gas power plant in Rostock* - close to GTKW CO2 location



(cut) without the measurement you can see GTKW and how simple it is in the dephs
(plan) GTKW is huge - but very green on the surface - looks sympatetic and harmless
test drilling sites proposed by Ing. Goebel for GTKW or DBHD 2016 / south of Kröpelin MV DE




proposing test drilling sites to get exact an information is a hard job


somebody has to do it - to put the finger on the map and say HERE

the administration people do not have the knowledge - architects

can help to decide those questions by making a clever proposal ...


But i am not god - and it is about CO2 & nuclear waste disposal and

many people will be disturbed by such proposals - hey folks, i am

very sorry - but the geology is there where you live - yes THERE


in every calculation for every location we have 600 Mio. EUR as a

direct compensation for the people living in the areas. That is why

it stays calm. With such money you can move or stay or whatever.


we need to drill into these geologies to find out about them ...



proposed test drilling sites by Ing. Goebel for TTEL and ART-TEL / in & onMöckow M-V DE
congratulationes to Dr. Karsten Obst and Ing. Goebel / that looks good



that is it - GTKW 5.3 south of Kröpelin / M-V / Germany / CO2 capture


we have a test drilling plan dated 19.11.2016 - any kind of EU funding

is welcomed - lets research GTKW CO2 to an innovation building, we are

87 % now, and good letter from M-V & good letter from EU commission.




Volker Goebel


Dipl.-Ing. FH / Architekt


21. Nov. 2016


Brunnen / Schweiz



von Ing. Goebel empfohlene Probebohrorte / recommended test drilling orange points




Post von : Regina.Schneider@euresearch.hc / Mo. 07:21


Damit erreicht mich ein Brief der wieder etwas Mut macht :



Sehr geehrter Herr Goebel,


Ihre Identifikationsnummer (PIC) ist zwar noch nicht bestätigt, aber die nötigen Unterlagen können Sie auch noch während der Evaluationsphase einreichen.


Für diese Art von Projekt müssen Sie allerdings mind. 3 weitere Partner aus Mitgliedstaaten der EU oder an H2020 assoziierten Ländern haben.


Für weitere Fragen betreffend Teilnahmebedingungen und administrative Abläufe für das Einreichen von Proposals wenden Sie sich bitte an meine KollegInnen im Euresearch Regionalbüro Luzern; für Fragen inhaltlicher Natur zum Topic LCE-30-2017 steht Ihnen meine Kollege Stefan Fischer (ebenfalls in cc) gerne zur Verfügung.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen,


Regina Schneider



Euresearch | Swiss guide to European research and innovation
Dr Regina Schneider

Vice Director                                     

NCP Legal & Financial

phone: +41 31 380 60 02




Sehr geehrte Frau Dr. Schneider,


Vice Director Legal & Financial Euresearch / Bern / Schweiz


Danke. - Vielen Dank für Ihren guten Rat und Ihre Einschätzungen.

Ich folge Ihrem Rat und finde 3 Partner in EU Mitgliedsstaaten.


Einfach wird das nicht ! Aber GTKW CO2 Projekt benötigt sehr

viele Partner, und die nehmen dann ja erst einmal an der Be-

werbung teil, das sind ja nur kleinste finanzielle Investitionen.


Allein von der Schweiz aus ist LCE-30-2017 nicht zu gewinnen.

Die Schweiz hat Horizon 2020 Verbot . Verträge nicht ratifiziert.

Es kommt also auf die EU Partner an. Firmen, Institute, Lehr-

stühle und staatliche Forschungsgesellschaften bitte melden !


Für 2017 lobt die EU 9 bis 12 Mio. EUR für CO2 capture aus,

und zeigt sich direkt an einer Teilname GTKW CO2 interessiert.

Geld für GTKW CO2 5.3 - Research and Innovation with impact.


Mit besten Grüssen


Volker Goebel






suddenly - another letter from the EU 21.Nov.

long letter - i had to cut it and highlight areas hat am 21. November 2016 geschrieben:

Dear Ing. Goebel,


Regarding your participation it is of importance to look into the first attachment states of the policy-driven approach:


" In determining the contents of this Work Programme in line with the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme, the Commission has continued with its strategic programming process which was begun with the first Horizon 2020 Work Programme. The aim is to maximise the impact of the available EU funding through an integrated, coherent, evidence-based implementation.


On this basis, criteria used for selecting the priorities to be supported in the Work Programme 2016-2017 were: the maximising of EU added value; addressing and anticipating research and innovation key trends and areas of high potential for world-class breakthroughs; providing strong potential for impact and uptake and leverage of industry and SME participation, by addressing the demand side, tackling barriers to innovation and market deployment and uptake, and building collaborations between industry, businesses, universities and research institutions; providing genuinely cross-cutting approaches and embedding key novelties such as covering the full research and innovation cycle, social science and humanities, gender aspects, and climate and sustainable development; improving international cooperation by focusing on key strategic and targeted areas of common interest and mutual benefit one example of which being Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of Research and Innovation, including the work done to date by the PRIMA initiative participating States.


The strategic programming approach takes into account new intelligence on scientific, technological, economic, market, and social trends and foresight, as well as emerging policy needs. It has involved extensive consultations, notably through the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee and advisory structures."


Therefore, the elements stated on page 123 and 124 of the second attachment, namely the work programme related to the call LCE-30-2017, are fully part of this policy process.


Yours sincerely

Pierre Vigier




Added value of Research and Innovation

of the European Union


European Commission

DG Research & Innovation

ORBN 03/132

1049 Brussels/Belgium

+32 229-62318







Die EU stellt höchste Anforderungen, untermauert aber das EU Interesse

an einer Bewerbung des GTKW CO2 capture am call LCE-30-2017 !!!




Please read Ing. Goebel answering Mr. Vigier - EU :







Geol. Endlagerung ist nur mit GTKW Wärmetauscher möglich !!!


Nuclear repository is only possible with GTKW heat exchanger !!!


Die hoch radioaktiven Abfälle entwickeln über eine sehr lange Zeit Wärme aus den nuklearen Zerfallsprozessen - diese Wärme muss man abführen sonst hebt die Wärmeausdehnung den Bereich um 1,5 Meter radial an.


Die highly active nuclear waste produces heat over a very long time by nuclear decay processes - this heat has to be taken away or the area is lifted up for 1,5 Meter by heat-expansion. All buildings on surface crack.





it is about time now to find partners for LCE-30-2017 application :


- Amphos 21 SRL, Barcelona (long term calculation experts)

- Ökoinstitut Berlin (head scientist Dipl.-Chemiker Sailer)

- GRS, Uni Clausthal, Uni Freiberg, BGR, BGE, GNS, LUNG M-V


just to metion a few that are going to be asked by letter now ...



Link to call for Geological CO2 storage pilots / EU call 



to next GTKW EU page here ...


LCE-30-2017 seeks EU based partners LCE-30-2017 seeks EU based partners to come into GTKW application - SOON



++41 (0) 79 424 61 48


Büro : Schnabelweg 15

8832 Wilen b. Wollerau

Kanton Schwyz / CH


Freitag, 20.04.2018


Volker Goebel


Architekt / Kalkulator

Dipl.-Ing. / Bauleiter






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