GTKW CO2 capture in EU application for call LCE-30-2017



Stand: 14.02.2017, Last site edit: 14.02.2017 / -40 days since 5. Jan.

YES YES YES - GTKW is in EU system with a valid application !!!


Bewerbung / Application / EU takes decision between 6 Jan. & 6. June

Work starts directly after EU decision in all institutes & companies !!!

It takes up to 5 month until EU decides. - Research starts June 2018.


New GTKW FILM is out now / 48 companies & institutes / scroll down

an honest, longer and more " scientific expert version " out now too !


Das GTKW ist nun im EU Datensystem mit Antrag für LCE-30-2017

The GTKW is now in EU Datasystem with application for LCE-30-2017



YES - FINAL application 05.01.2017 - all names, numbers, drawings, statements ... (Comsol wants to be paided by Goebel, not by EU - so Ing. Goebel Budget on maximum)
PDF-Dokument [17.8 MB]
EU asked us to write 12 pages into their template
PDF-Dokument [5.3 MB]




click on picture below to get a 24 MB high res. collage in a new window :








GTKW 5.4 in a professional, popular music FILM


... as the drawings get more and more technical and scientific,

we decided to make a film for that the wider public can easily

understand what GTKW 5.4 is, can it do, and how it looks like.

It is the first time all 48 EU participants are in with their logos


Screenshot from GTKW application within EU research and innovation funds data system
Ing. Goebel was accepted as EU expert for geological storage of CO2 and nuclear waste
Ing. Goebel / LEAR EU / a working architect / CH





We have a first answer from the leading company in long term

calculationes by data modelling solution. - Amphos 21 with Dr.

Molinero made it possiblbe to get PhreeqC Chemical database

connected with Comsol Multiphysics. Dr. Molinero is "the pope"

He did France, works on Finnland and Japan, while Ing. Goebel

is mainly doing Germany and Switzerland. Amphos 21 is an EU

based company - with them the EU application becomes valid.

We are working for years now with these very good scientists.


Amphos 21 will do the long term calculation by numeric simu-

lation with the full GTKW dimensions in Comsol Multiphysics

and they also calculate CO2 on saltrock wall and the corrosion

of the cannisters in rocksalt - safty case proof for 1 Mio. years

(A second independent team will get the same tasks for sure)





RE: >>> Dr. Molinero / EU wants to spend 9 to 12 Mio for GTKW research !!!


22.11.2016 15:50

Jorge Molinero

An  Ing. Goebel   Kopie  m.sailer@oeko.ed  

8 Anlagen



Dear Volker,


Thanks a lot for your message. It seems really promising and good news!


I am in Finland right now, but if you are available we could skype on Thursday or Friday this week. Just let me know about your availability in order to fix the skype meeting.


Very best regards,





Jorge Molinero


Partner Director Amphos 21 – Modelling Solutions



Dr. Jorge Molinero Partner Amphos 21 / Spain EU he also calculates for Finland and Japan / he is the pope
Dr. J. Molinero, num. calculationes







Lets look into the GTKW CO2 5.4 wanted EU Team:



Die EU verlangt Forschung und Innovation auf höchstem Niveau

The EU asks for Research and Innovation on highest level full range !!!





3.) Fachleute für CO2 : Experts in CO2 : (here we need more !?)


Dear Dr. Molinero from Amphos 21 from (Spain, France)

Dear Mr. Archi Roy, scientist in fluid gases like CO2 (Linde AT)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Chemiker Sailer (Ökoinstitut DE)

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Span (Uni Bochum DE)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Guido Bracke (GRS)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Franz May (BGR)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Gerling (BGR) (he said no capacities)

Sehr geehrter Herr Student (hatte CO2 Versuche gemacht)






4.) Fachleute Endlagerung : Experts in Nuclear Waste Repository


Sehr geehrter Herr Sailer, (Öko-Institut) Leading Scientist

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald (KIT Karlsruhe)

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Röhlig, (TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld)

Sehr geehrter Herren Drs. Bracke,  Appelt, Mönig, (GRS Köln)

Dear Dr. Molinero from Amphos 21 from (Spain, France)

Dear Dr. Lara Duro from Amphos 21 S. L. (Spain, France)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Krone, (DBE Tec GmbH, Salzgitter)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Wimmer (GNS, containers)






2.) Fachleute Tiefbohrtechnik / Deep Drilling Experts :

Shaft Boring, Rotary Drilling, Core Drilling, Tunnel-Drilling ART-TEL


Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. M. Reich, (Tiefbohr TU Freiberg)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Hofmann, (Verschluss, TU BAF)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.-Ing. Reitenbach, (TU Clausthal)

Sehr geehrte Fa. Herrenknecht, Herr Rennkamp / DE

Dr. Edelmann, Herr Hundertpfund, Herr Ischebeck

(if DBHD Shaft Technology is implemented into GTKW)

Dear Sigi Meissner (Nabors Int. Houston / USA) Rotary






0.) Fachleute für die Geologie des Zechsteins / Perm (Geologists)


Sehr geehrte GRS Geologen Dr. Mönig und Dr. Bracke

BGR BGE - falls die überhaupt noch Kapazität haben

Geoforschungs-Zentrum Potsdam (noch existent?)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Appel / Kommission Bundestag

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Karsten Obst / LUNG (M-V, DE)

Prüfer / Reviewer from local Authority / Welcome ...




2.) Kavernen Solung / Experts for soling the 2 Cavernes : 


Sehr geehrter Herr Hellmann / KBB / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Crotogino / KBB / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Noe / Geostock / FR

Sehr geehrte UGS GmbH 




1.) Fachleute Thermodynamik und Langzeit-Berechnung

Experts in thermodynamic long term calculation : 4 groups



Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing C. Hasse TU BAF / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. rer. nat. Reinmöller TU BA Freiberg

Sehr geehrter Herr M.Sc. Weiss,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Hasse, KL / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Fiebig (TU Freiberg, Thermodynamik)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.-Ing. Stroefer KL / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Strässle, PSI Schweiz 

Sehr geehrter Herr  Dr.-Ing. Nau,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Span, (CO2 knowledge Thermo-Dynamics, Maschinenbau, (Uni Bochum DE)

Sehr geehrter Herr Markus Thewes, (Uni Bochum DE)

Dear Dr. J. Molinero from Amphos 21 from (Spain, ES)

Sehr geehrter Herr M.Sc. Kessler,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Hasslberger,

Sehr geehrte Dipl.-Ing. Frau Boblenz,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Pennings,

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sattelmayer,

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Mathematiker Wittig,

Sehr geehrter Herr Ing. Rembe / Cav. Fluidbergbau / DE


FA. Comsol Multiphysics Göttingen USA gave offers today :


1x full network license with all nes. Modules and Support is

148.668 EUR !!!!! this is plus Hardware - and Comsol does

only want to sell to Goebel - Goebel budget 3.43 Mio. now !

I send you the comsol offers - can we reduce Moduls pls ...





Beton-Kühlkasten / Concrete Cooling Box : CONCRETE

Beton-Pellets / Concrete pellets with castors in :


Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Diederichs / M-V / DE

Sehr geeehrter Herr Dr. Beck / Berlin / DE

(Bundesverband Beton / Concrete Interest Group DE)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. TU Heymer / DE





CO2 and Rocksalt and Concrete Laboratory : 1 - 3 Labs


Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Mönig / rocksalt / GRS / DE

Sehr geehrer Herr Ing. Goebel (Versuch 003)


Sehr geehrte Linde Gas DE / AT >>> CO2

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. May / CO2 / BGR / DE

Sehr geehrter Herr Student (hatte CO2 Versuche gemacht)

Sehr geehrter Herr Ing. Goebel (Versuch 001)


we build GTKW working model 1:200 / with Ing. Goebel

where is the laboratorys ? Cologne, Salzgitter, Freiberg ?





ALL scientific potentials mentioned above - please apply




Expert in safe nuclear waste repository planning :

general construction plans and location scouting :


Sehr geehrter Herr Dipl.-Ing. Goebel - Leading Scientist

doing EU LEAR job, and doing it it all with a live website.

Assistents : Dipl.-Ing. E. Heymer, Dipl.-Ing. L. Hillebrand



3 Leading Research and Innovation Senators:

Sailer, Dr. Bracke and Prof. Dr. Grunwald

Ing. Goebel has to follow their advice and

only what is in the tech. plans is binding !



we need a CO2 over all balance preview sheet for GTKW

we need electric plan for GTKW buiding site and building

we want a "separate humidy out from CO2 stream" plan

we need to calculate CO2 Balance for 100 years because of concrete

we need to calculate "night currant store" option

we to think a "seperate CO2 for environment air" plan

we need to order drilling equipment SBM, Rotary


we also need more experts in chemistry of gases CO2, physics,

mineralogie of rocksalt, business, law and NOT press officer.

we have 3 Document Deliver Officers GTKW EU - Travelgirls


when we all apply together - we win it a 100 %

it is a 9 to 12 Mio. EUR call - 36 days left until

call deadline is on 5th Jan. 2017 - so do it NOW

call name is now " geological storage pilots "

Real Budget is 18.000.000 EUR (see this website small text)

Budged plan today is 17.586.882,50 EUR / 02.12.2016


GTKW CO2 nuc. is center research 80 %,


EU called it " geological storage pilots " (more then 1)


this is the list of best working Scientists for GTKW

later we also need a team to verify results then ...







Actually GTKW 5.4 is in EU call LCE-30-2017 Res. & Science as application.






REVIEWER from selected government authoritys in charge :


Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Karsten Obst / LUNG (M-V, DE)

Prüfer / Reviewer from local Authority / Welcome ...

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Stegemann / Director LUNG M-V


Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Hans Wanner / ENSI

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. M. Wieser / ENSI / CH


LATER, during the building application phase, the local,

national & european authoritys need to approove GTKW.


Sehr geehrtes Bergamt M-V / Stralsund / DE

Sehr geehrtes Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz BfS Salzgitter DE

Sehr geehrtes Parlament DE / Sehr geehrter Bundesrat DE

Sehr geehrte Landesregierung M-V / DE

Sehr geehrter Landkreis Rostock M-V / DE

Sehr geehrte Wasserbehörden Landkreis Rostock / DE

Sehr geehrte Gemeinde Kröpelin LKR / M-V / DE

Sehr geehrtes BMUB Ministerium Berlin / Bonn DE

Sehr geehrtes BFE Bundesamt für kernt. Entsorgung B / DE

Sehr geehrte DBE BGR GmbH / Peine / DE

Sehr geehrte BGR / Hannover / DE

Sehr geehrte GRS / Köln / DE (wird Prüfer NACH Forschung)

Sehr geehrter Bund der Steuerzahler / DE / CH

Sehr geehrte Energie-Versorger B / E / D / Bayern

Sehr geehrte EU Kommission / EU

Sehr geehrte GTKW Anlieger Kröp. / LKR / M-V / DE

Sehr geehrte Öffentlichkeit DE und CH

Sehr geehrtes Nationales Begleitgremium BT DE 24.11.2016

Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Klaus Brunsmeier BUND, Kai Niebert Dt.

Naturschutzring, Frau Prof. Miranada Schreurs KIT, Monika

Müller von der Evangelischen Akademie Loccoum. (+2)


Sehr geehrte GTKW 5.4 CO2 Prüfer-Gruppe DE / CH

Sehr geehrte GTKW DBHD 1 Prüfer-Gruppe DE / CH

Sehr geehrte Einzel-Themen-Fach-Prüfer EU / World

Sehr geehrte Fachöffentlichkeit Endlager DE / CH

Sehr geehrte Fachöffentlichkeit CCS CO2 DE / CH


REVIEWER Units are giving permits or not to next steps.



we will have to do a few serious experiments before building application :


- CO2 laboratory combined with a Rock-salt laboratory


we will have to build a 1:200 working GTKW model









Sonderthema XXL Kühlkasten der +18 bar hält

XXL Concrete Cooling Box for +18 bar pressure


Sonderthema : Gross-Druck-Behälter für CO2 - mit Vorspann-Stahl-im-Beton - Eine Dimensionsfrage - Eine Materialfrage Carbon-Beton mit Fasern wg. Zugfestigkeits-Erhöhung für Druckbehälter / UNI Dresden
PDF-Dokument [182.9 KB]
Nachtrag Feb. 2017 / Struktur der Wände und Stützen des Kühlkastens weiter erarbeitet Diese Datei müssen Sie holen, öffnen und reinzoomen - sonst sehen Sie nicht gut genug Schnitt-Darstellung folgt ...
Outer wall size 1,6 Meters - inner structure with walls and a lot of columns in 5 diameters - horizontal tension cables are in now ... going into the new carbon-concrete too !?
PDF-Dokument [7.1 MB]


Dipl.-Ing. TU Heymer Systemskizze / TU Dresden Entwicklung Menge

Druckbehälter aus Beton der +18 bar aushält. 500 x 500 x 30 Meter ?

Inhalt CO2 - in hohen Dichten sehr viskos und inert. -13°C bis +50°C


Die TU Dresden ist mit Ihrer PIC Nr. im EU call LCE-30-2017 enthalten

Nach Besprechung der Details können wir uns neu zum Budget verhalten

Mit Ing. Heymer haben wir jemand der rechnet und Bauvorlage macht.











Die vernünftige Research-Senatoren-Kommission-GTKW 5.4 :

Fast alle Mitarbeiter im GTKW sind in Teilzeit (5 % >100 %)

Die 3 besten Senatoren : M. Sailer, Dr. Grunwald, Dr. Bracke




Dipl.-Chemiker Michael Sailer / Öko-Institut e.V. / the Master / participation not confirmed yet
Prof. Dr. Barbara Reichert / Vorsitzende d. Endlager-Kommission BMUB / Uni Bonn, mögl. Senatorin GTKW hat sich im Ausschuss offen für GTKW ausgesprochen




please see the 4 overview pages with the 2 locations :


DBHD 1.0 and GTKW 5.3 and TTEL 2.2 and ART-TEL 1.1


development is on for a century now - the links lead to archive 3 years




24.11.21016 - 14:30 


Langes, sehr gutes Telefonat mit Hrn Dr. Bracke von der GRS / Köln


Herr Dr. Bracke war der Wesentliche Verfasser des Gutachten zur

tiefen Lagerung in Bohrlöchern für die Kommisison Endlagerung.


Die GRS wird eine Beteiligung am LCE-30-2017 mit GTKW prüfen !




24.11.21016 - 14:30 


Very long and good phone call with Dr. Bracke from GRS / Colonge


Scientist Mr. Dr. Bracke has been the main author of DBD expertise

to Deep Borehole Disposal for the german nuclar storage commission.


The GRS is going to check participation on LCE-30-2017 with GTKW


Die GRS ändert - hat dann doch die Prüfer Rolle vom BMUB erhalten.

Aber trotzdem brauchen wir die Forschung Dr. Mönig und Sen. Bracke

In der Genehmigung- und Bauphase könnt Ihr dann ganz Prüfer sein.



Dr. Guido Bracke / GRS / DE - prüft Teilnahme mit GRS GmbH Herr Dr. Bracke mag das GTKW wird aber vom BMUB angewiesen
geological CO2 storage and use within GTKW CO2 5.X geological CO2 storage and use within GTKW CO2 5.X






the main drawings we have. Everybody is allowed to ask questions concening how GTKW works, about the CO2 use circle and all other questions you may have before putting in your EU PIN number and the company, institute balance sheets of the year 2015. Application only

valid with at least 3 EU partners and sufficient balance sheets ... you

know the rules of engagement in research and innovation on EU level.

over 8.211 views at google+ (even if nuclear repository is a theme

the people usually do not live very much - other themes they love)










Thermodynamic calculation and simulation in Comsol



it is very much about Thermodynamics calculations in research period :


- GTKW all Dr. Molinero and Team (big budget)

- GTKW all Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse DE (big budget+drilling TU BAF)

- GTKW all PSI / Switzerland (big budget) + with ENSI control

- GTKW 2 Cavernes / Ing. Rembe (good budget) (Fluidbergbau)





Christian_Hasse_Numerische Fluiddynamik_Freiberg (Link)


 hat am 21. November 2016 geschrieben:

Dear Ing. Goebel,


Regarding your participation it is of importance to look into the first attachment states of the policy-driven approach:


" In determining the contents of this Work Programme in line with the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme, the Commission has continued with its strategic programming process which was begun with the first Horizon 2020 Work Programme. The aim is to maximise the impact of the available EU funding through an integrated, coherent, evidence-based implementation.


On this basis, criteria used for selecting the priorities to be supported in the Work Programme 2016-2017 were: the maximising of EU added value; addressing and anticipating research and innovation key trends and areas of high potential for world-class breakthroughs; providing strong potential for impact and uptake and leverage of industry and SME participation, by addressing the demand side, tackling barriers to innovation and market deployment and uptake, and building collaborations between industry, businesses, universities and research institutions; providing genuinely cross-cutting approaches and embedding key novelties such as covering the full research and innovation cycle, social science and humanities, gender aspects, and climate and sustainable development; improving international cooperation by focusing on key strategic and targeted areas of common interest and mutual benefit one example of which being Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of Research and Innovation, including the work done to date by the PRIMA initiative participating States.


The strategic programming approach takes into account new intelligence on scientific, technological, economic, market, and social trends and foresight, as well as emerging policy needs. It has involved extensive consultations, notably through the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee and advisory structures."


Therefore, the elements stated on page 123 and 124 of the second attachment, namely the work programme related to the call LCE-30-2017, are fully part of this policy process.


Yours sincerely

Pierre Vigier




Added value of Research and Innovation

of the European Union


European Commission

DG Research & Innovation

ORBN 03/132

1049 Brussels/Belgium

+32 229-62318







Die EU stellt höchste Anforderungen, untermauert aber das EU Interesse

an einer Bewerbung des GTKW CO2 capture am call LCE-30-2017 !!!




Please read Ing. Goebel answering Mr. Vigier - EU :


GTKW CO2 storage and use / GTKW safe nuclear repository (both geological storage)
the Original ArchiCAD Datensatz als Archiv Datei .pla - Original ArchiCAD Data-File as .pla Archive File - Stand 11.02.2017
Datei [87.0 MB]


the link -  you find .ifc file for 3D import into other CAD Systems

it is an IFC Standard File - written with Revit MED translator 306 MB

only for import tests - final 3D .ifc file will be reduced to what you need



für Autocad und Comsol Experten hier ein 3D .dxf - 1,43 GB !!!

only for import tests - final 3D .dxf file will be reduced to what you need










this is the best and safest concept / Nov. 2016


we are not people putting a radio into a

vacuum cleaner and call it innovation then

but we combine the best technical solutions


SO we put safest nuclear storage with Castor Containers

and Concrete and Rocksalt = DBHD nuclear repository


into GTKW CO2 5.3 


this is an option to be calculated / safeness, heat, money


new planning Version 5.4 drawing required then ...

we correct geot. temperature step to +3°C/-100 m

GTKW CO2 5.3 had 12 rotary drilled nuke holes

DBHD-DE 1.0 had 4 shaft boring nuke holes

SO GTKW CO2 5.4 will have 8 Boring holes

putting CH Containers is then = 10 holes

that is shaft boring holes by Herrenknecht


the politicians will love GTKW 5.4 

both stored materials are still retrievable

with pain and cost - but retrievable


lets go - there is a lot of science to do

lets go - there is a lot of applications to do


is going better and better / Ing. Goebel







DBHD safest nuclear repository is WITHIN GTKW an OPTION (more expensive but safer)
the Original ArchiCAD Datensatz als Archiv Datei .pla - Original ArchiCAD Data-File as .pla Archive File
Datei [33.8 MB]





good morning beautiful Nadin, - for a look in your eyes ... 

EU try's since 2006 now fo find "solutions" for geological CO2 and nuclear containers storage

they have set up : GEOLOGICAL STORAGE PILOTS - call LCE-30-2017 - funds for research


first they had  4 - 6 Mio. EUR for safe nuclear waste repository research 14 Oct. ( and i missed it by 4 days ! )


then they made it better wiiht 9 to 12 Mio. EUR for giving CO2 solution too / decision 5 Jan. + up to 5 month

LCE-30-2017 (active call in EU system)


then the made it 20 Mio. EUR - Just to be safe. / still end of application 5 Jan. + up to 5 month decision time

LCE-30-2017 (active call in EU sytem)


and they put a reserve of 18 Mio. for 14 Feb 2017 / in case we miss first deadline 5 Jan. 2017

that is all leftovers from former Horizon 2020 programs that did not find suitable applications

(still active budget for " low carbon energy ")


and they put a reserve to continue if money problems 8 Mio. with deadline 07 Sept. 2017 IN !

that is also leftover from former Horizon 2020 programs that did not find suitable applications

(still active budget for " low carbon energy " )


while Goebel is thinking about building permission application and building team

they first want us to do more high level scientific research and innovation work ...


Dear EU high level scientists - please participate - money is not our problem - we are on GO

Make yourself part of the teams with your qualification and your institute PIN please

We do it - best regards from volker / architect / LEAR EU


EU has planned that already - well done - thank you EU
Mr. Adrian Dober / swiss accountant / tax / banker / 6419 Goldau, Parkstr. 13 / Treuhand-Vertrag existent. Geschäftsführer der Goebel GmbH in Liqudation ...





SEE - i NOW put in safer DBHD-DE Technology into GTKW 5.3, that

leads to a Version 5.4, safest, most expensive, retrievable storage.




Integration of DBHD nuclear waste repository system into GTKW 5.3 EU soon ...
Bringing DBHD on GTKW safety heights - that is a proof scetch
View into EU Big Data system - this is confirmation of submitted application (click back)
you can see Castors, you can see Pellets (concrete), you can see building-time-concrete wall - this is also a scientific proof scetch - is " to scale " CAD drawing in ArchiCAD 20 License ...
putting DBHD in GTKW makes it expensive to build, the price of safety nuclear waste repos.
Shaft bore drilling is 12 Meter - opening by sawing by mankind is 24,2 Meters Target Diam.
and this is GTKW 5.4 now - CO2 capture and use, and safe nuclear waste repository DE EU
cut with to scale heights and you see DBHD in GTKW heights - now it is in (1 to start)
Elements on sub earth level in drawing GTKW 5.4
view over Rig into measurement - D 12 with Shaft Herrenknecht - D 24,2 by man & women
GTKW building site area is going bigger - but in the end, it is a field for a farmer like before




still a couple of days work to be able to present a set of drawings that

is of a final character to start with an EU army of engineers, scientists,

companys, institutes and universitys to do top level reseach to find out

if that is an innovation to save the world - or just a step forward in go-

ing to define a competitive low carbon energy - but nuclear repository

is already invented with it to a very sufficient level - deepest & safest.


Ladies and Gentleman - i will be a please to work for you as architect.


With best regards, sincerely yours - Volker Goebel / LEAR EU / 26.11




Schriftfeld GTKW Zeichnung / Info Box on GTKW Drawings / Nov. 2016










there is still at least ONE EU Partner missing - put your PIN in please !!!

the list is near 50 companies and institutes and universitys now - and

many many experts in - Remember : GTKW RESEARCH is 2 years long.


Overview called institutes, companys, univertitys




MONEY - Ing. Goebel has put in first budget amounts for all participants

it is only a first idea. The amount of money belongs to the number of

Top Staff Members you can give into GTKW. - The institutes having the

new 2 laboratorys for CO2 and rocksalt-nuclear have huge amounts in.


is for 2 years and in practice it is more or less part-time research work.


Tell EU you participate - decribe your part of the research work taking

the LEAR Coordinator proposal as a proposal. We are on 14 Mio. EUR.

EU gives up to 18 Mio. EUR - that is TAX MONEY - if you or your PIN is

wasting tax money - you are going to be punished hard if public light !


All mentioned Persons are welcome with their organisationes ...


LEAR GTKW EU is open for your detail proposals - to be send NOW !!!



41 of 43 am fine with it - only LUNG became AUTHORITY and UNI BO

had not time - and then suddenly COMSOL mix up group and project.

Comsol supplys Multiphysics and Multichemics calculation software for

long term calculationes for nuclear repository planning and CO2 flow.

See shocking Comsol quotes. Die Angebote der Fa. Comsol für GTKW


are you in ? with how much ? - who else is invited ? detailed information ... (Comsol wants to be paided by Goebel, not by EU - so Goebel Budget on maximum - will go smaller again)
PDF-Dokument [2.2 MB]
Herr Ischebeck / Rechts Dr. Edelmann F & E Fa. Herrenknecht / Rennkamp
GTKW uses Shaft Boring Technology (SBM) and Rotary Drilling Technology (Nabors Int.)
we start with core drilling for exploration / german or EU drilling company required NOW For example Schlumberger Drilling or other EU exploration drilling team (xy down to -3.800 m)
the main CO2 pipe drills are done by Nabors Int. / with Mr. Siggi Meissner USA, Houston
Siggi Meissner hat in Clausthal studiert und leitet jetzt Nabors International / 4.000 PS Rigs
this is what the EU judges will see - that can become the longest .pdf doc. of all times ... you are invited - dear Scientists and Engineers - please participate - Best regards LEAR EU VG
PDF-Dokument [10.0 MB]
this is the funding amounts actually in EU system - (Comsol wants to be paided by Goebel, not by EU - so Goebel Budget on maximum - will go smaller again)
PDF-Dokument [2.2 MB]
Dear WiMi SN - Hr. Svoboda / please register your ministry of economics / Min. Glawe fragen


Sehr geehrter Herr Svoboda, sehr geehrter Herr Lange, sehr geehrter Herr Minister, Lieber Harry - bitte registiert das WiMi SN auch bei der EU. Dear

participants of GTKW for 12 years now - most of you are registerd at the

EU - but some small entitys did not register yet. Like : Arch. Weibel CH, Ing. Heymer, Ing. Rembe, Bundestag DE, DAEF, BUND, Greenpeace RU,

WDR Ranga Jogeshwa, Norbert Nieszery SPD, Siggi Meissner Nabors Int.,

Dr. Schilling KIT, Archi Roy Chem. Engineer, Prof. Diedrichs Uni Rostock,

Dr. Beck Betonverband DE Berlin, Dr. Signorelli Geothermie CH, Jochen

Fillibeck M., Klaus Würthele Züblin AG Stuttgart, Andreas Meyer Ostsee-

zeitung, Veikko Hackendahl Kröpelin RA, Jürgen Endmann Steffenshagen,

Jürgen Suhr B90 Die Grünen, Roland Züst Fatzer AG CH, Michael Egan SSM Sweden, Sogin Italy, Deutscher Städtetag, Deutscher Landkreistag, Laura,

Uta, Andrea, Martin, Andrea, Ing. Murmann, GF Beckedorf Masch. Meyer,

Robert Galler Uni Loeben, DATF Deutsches Atomforum / Kernenergie, Dr.

Andreas Havenid RWTH Aachen, RA Ole von Beust, Minister Gabriel, dem

Kanzleramt DE, Büro von Martin Schulz EU. You are all NOT in EU system.


Lets say thank you and give honors to the people who raised me :

Mother Renate Goebel, Father Manfred Goebel, Sister Sonja Goebel,

my friend Gunther Bode, dear Herwarth Linscheidt, dear Achim Kreuzer,

Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Schabio, Meister Kartoffel, Dipl.-Ing. Mittelsten Scheidt,

Louise Noble, Susanne Vega, Harry and the spinning wheels factory,

the artists of my hometown, the people of my study town, mother town

Hamburg, the good people of Rarotonga, City capital Schwerin including

all the government and administration, Susanne, Jonas, Architect Andrew Leyel ZH, Architects mls Zermatt, Rochus Freitag, RAV, Amt für Arbeit ...








All companys, institutes and universitys have to

show proofs what they need (before) and used (after). It's EU tax money ! - " 95 % " has to be

proofed like in your countrys tax declaration ! If there is money leftovers after 2 years - it has to

be given back to where it came from - to the tax

payers EU, means DG Research and Innovation.


Break this rule and your company is out !!!



Let the money/work negotiationes begin ...

amounts is the list are just a fast 1st guess to make a start into it ...

all participants get a formal invitation letter from me and from EU (2)







new letter by Email from Brussels, Tuesday 29.11.2016 at 10:12


Dear Ing. Goebel,


The proposals are evaluated by external independent experts. What is evaluated is the content of the project and not the qualification of the proposers (except for projects under the umbrella of the European research Council).


I would recommend to read the conditions of eligibility, including the criteria related to the financial viability, which may or not exclude a participant. I have no practice of the data system and unfortunately cannot help you for your last question.


Yours sincerely

Pierre Vigier




Added value of Research and Innovation

of the European Union


European Commission

DG Research & Innovation

ORBN 03/132

1049 Brussels/Belgium

+32 229-62318





Legal receipt for the 1st. submitted GTKW 5.4 EU DE Application - Application will be and can be re-edit until 03. Jan. 2017 - absolute deadline is 05. Jan. 2017 - we will be ready 2 days before please - today is Monday 05.12.2016 = 31 days to work ...
real caverns going into ArchiCAD Drawing of GTKW at the moment
typical forms of realistic cavernes in rocksalt
GTKW 5.4 / extreme building site situation - not final yet - but true
Version 5.4 sent as Perspectives to LUNG Authority already - tech. drawings will follow - (pic not final yet) - it was a long hard working week for many of you - well done folks - is weekend now, meet your friend, go out, do some sport and stay healthy -
The official 3D picture of how GTKW looks like when completely build. - 5.4 DO Research.
Resolution pre-view picture - you can see Castors, Cavernes, everything ... THAT IS GTKW
JPG-Datei [2.2 MB]







Actually GTKW 5.4 is in EU call LCE-30-2017 Res. & Science as application.




to next GTKW EU page here ...


we also have facebook page now



++41 (0) 79 424 61 48


Büro : Schnabelweg 15

8832 Wilen b. Wollerau

Kanton Schwyz / CH


Freitag, 20.04.2018


Volker Goebel


Architekt / Kalkulator

Dipl.-Ing. / Bauleiter






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