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GTKW 5.4 geol. repository + CO2 storage heat-exchanger FILM 5:36 min

GTKW 5.4 geol. Endlager + CO2 Lagerung Wärmetauscher FILM 5:36 min


since 12,5 years now we are working on the following themes :

seit 12,5 Jahren arbeiten wir in Teilzeit an folgenden Themen :


- CO2 storage heat-exchanger for deep nuclear repository GTKW DE

- CO2 Lagerungs-Wärme-Tauscher für das GTKW Endlager Deutschland


- deep safe nuclear waste repository planning HLW

- Endlager-Planung für hoch radioaktive Abfallstoffe


this is the main field of work for the engineering office Goebel

das ist der wesentliche Zweck der Ingenieurbüro Goebel GmbH


we are a leading planning company in geological storage - see GTKW :

wir sind eine führende planende Gesellschaft in geologischer Lagerung



GTKW 5.4 - Endlager Deutschland mit CO2 Wärmetauscher BGE GmbH volker goebel architekt volker goebel dipl ing GTKW Kapazität = 4.050 Castoren (davon 2.047 Castoren DE) - Geologie : Steinsalz Schicht mit einer Mächtigkeit von 1.600 Metern - vorgesehener Standort : Gemeinde Kröpelin MV DE Direkte " redliche Kompensationen " DE MV von 600 Mio. EUR bis 1,2 Mrd. EUR
2 yrs science & research program to scientific prove GTKW
PDF-Dokument [17.8 MB]






the following repository plannings exist in different development stages :

the folgenden Endlager-Planungen liegen in unterschiedlicher Reife vor :


- GTKW 5.4 EU CO2 Nuc. (takes part in EU call LCE-30-2017) HLW

- GTKW 5.4 EU CO2 Nuc. (Teilnahme am EU call LCE-30-2017) HAA


good geology, deep storage, Castors in Concrete-Pellets in Rocksalt

with CO2 heat-exchanger to take the 32 MW/sec waste heat away !


- DBHD 1.0 (has been integrated into GTKW in December 2016) HLW

- DBHD 1.0 (wurde im Dez. erfolgreich 2016 in GTKW integriert) HAA


- ART-TEL 1.1 (the volume storage for nuclar mid and low level waste)

- ART-TEL 1.1 (Volumen-Endlager für schwach- und mittelrad. Abfälle)


- TTEL 2.2 (the "fully retrievable" deep safe nuclear waste storage) HLW

- TTEL 2.2 (das " vollständig rückholbare " Endlager für Castoren) HAA


all proposed nuclear repositories refer to German rocksalt geologies

it was EU administration that proposed to take part in LCE-30-2017


we are waiting to win EU call LCE-30-2017 "geological storage pilots"

wir warten auf eine EU Entscheidung in Sachen EU call LCE-30-2017


DE, CH, EU companies, institutes, universities and gov. agencies are

taking part then in a 2 year 18 Mio. EUR science and research phase.


Building volume of GTKW is 16,0 Mrd. EUR for DE, EU, CH suppliers.

German Gov. collects 23,55 Mrd. EUR in 2017 for nuclear repository !


We have supporting letters yet from : Many parliament members and

office of chancelor and EU president office. +/- 2.500 people involved.


All scientific information is public by Endlager-Kommission Bundestag

"The final location decisions will be all taken by national parliaments."


Please see the following wider public GTKW film to get an impression.

For technical drawings please go to navigation top left - Thank you ...


you can follow the political repository discussion by Bundestags Video

Prof. Reichert, chairman of Nuclear waste commission BMUB said YES





Stand der Gesetzgebung Stand AG 2 Bundestag DE - GTKW wurde im Ausschuss zur Zeit 30/70 diskutiert - gewonnen hat DBE GmbH - 872 Leute die es seit 47 J. nicht können !
PDF-Dokument [579.6 KB]
DBE und BGE sind nicht die Lösung. Sie sind leider Teil des Problems - seit 47 Jahren " planlose Misswirtschaft " Da wurden viele Milliarden Steuergeld verschwendet. Noch hat der Staat nicht gekauft.
PDF-Dokument [555.3 KB]
Durch den Sprung vom BRD zum EU Endlager (18.000 Tonnen zu 36.000 Tonnen) verdoppeln sich auch die "redlichen radialen Kompensationen" auf 1,2 Mrd. EUR
PDF-Dokument [166.9 KB]
Standort-Vorschlag GTKW Endlager südlich Kröpelin / Location proposal for GTKW repository
GTKW Standort südlich Kröpelin M-V DE - Location south of Kröpelin M-V DE - this is where we found the (still unused) super geology - rocksalt layer 1.600 Meter
PDF-Dokument [9.2 MB]



Ein Endlager für wärmeentwickelnde Nuklear-Abfälle HLW ist nur mit

Abführung der Wärme baulich möglich - "sonst hebt sich die Region"

durch Wärmeausdehnung. Ein GTKW Wärmetauscher ist also PFLICHT !


A nuclear repository for heat-developing high level waste is only possible

if the facility manages to take away this heat "if not, the area get lifted"

by heat-expansion. A GTKW heat exchanger is not a can - it is a DUTY !




work film from the original data set following :



Ready for 2 years EU science and research :



We are ready for 2 years GTKW EU science and research. 26.04.2017


The results of EU science and research will change the tech. drawings

again, nothing is final yet, it is just the last 12.5 years work for GTKW.




some information about the Castors :





New plan set release April 2017 " Kröpelin ":



... actually we can offer a new drawings release that is location related :

wir können nun einen Kröpelin ortsbezogenen Zeichnungssatz anbieten :




we had some updates in GTKW 5.4 calculation :


- more land-buy for the rail tracks and slopes

- 4 railtracks and 2 slopes to connect GTKW

- 2 longer train stations within Magnetit Hall

- double amount of Magnetit (sorry i forgot)

- double amount of compensation money M-V

- more concrete for a super safe cooling box

- some price ajustments for some positions


Invest is now 16 Mrd. EUR plus VAT plus

Castor Containers plus rail-transports !!!


40 % of german population is poor and we

have spend 16 Mrd. EUR on nuc. repository


but Gov. DE collects 23.55 Mrd. EUR from the

nuclear energy suppliers DE in the year 2017




Microsoft Excel-Dokument [26.0 KB]





Download original ArchiCAD 20 files .pla to continue work on GTKW :












here is a few preview pictures to the next big GTKW film :


- with the new Cable Drum Houses (diameter 24 meter drums)

- with Magnetit / Castor Hall (pooring Magnetit into the Castors)

- with railway tracks (for Concrete, Castor, Magnetit deliveries)


all as pre-drafts in Version 1.0 - just to have a halfway complete

setting for when science and research begins. - We will calculate

heat, flow, corrosion in Comsol, and we will check "build-ability"

and improve the construction of all elements to a perfect level ...





we are working on a big film for GTKW Version 5.4

the last version - before going into EU science and

research - therefore it is good to have some pictures


2 years numeric calculation on : heat, flow, corrosion,

materials, construction methods might change GTKW

a lot - to a proven planning - for parliaments to decide





we wish you all happy-holy-free easter days ...

schöne Oster-Feiertage wünschen wir Ihnen ...





>>> Dimensions in GTKW - Cable Drum is Diameter 24 Meters !!!

Castor is app 120 to 160 tons - humans are still app. 1,7 Meters tall


Alan Haigh EU - a bad lier that is is just a " bad and evil lie" - GTKW matches the EU call criteria 99,5 %






you find the original LCE-302-2017 programm text source on EU server

https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/lce-30-2017.html (underneath programm criteria in detail)


it is a scandal that the EU encourages companies to pump the CO2 just "somewhere" - GTKW offers defined rooms/spaces of 2 x 440.000 m3 - with a monitoring and a safety structure !!!






Mr. Alan Haigh, - Head of EU lies organisation

you are a bad lier ! The GTKW matched the

criteria for the "geological storage pilot" 100%


A good engineer has put the plans on the table

after 47 years of doing nothing by all the state

authorities - you are just a bad man telling lies


the truth will prevail ... EU calls !? never again


Volker Goebel

Architect / Dipl.-Ing.


Die IAEA Fachleute sind offenbar auch von der EU enttäuscht :

Dear Mr. Goebel,


I have enjoyed monitoring your efforts and may even

admire your inventive pursuits.


Best Regards,




Mr Andrew Orrell | Section Head, Waste and Environmental Safety |

Division of Radiation, Transport & Waste Safety| Department of Nuclear Safety and Security |

International Atomic Energy Agency | International Centre, PO Box 100, 1400 Vienna, Austria |

Email: a.orrell@iaea.gro | T: +43 (1) 2600-22666






Dear Mr. Goebel,


There are other forms of informing the European Commission that a

decision-making is  possibly incorrect.  


There is for example a redress procedure which deals with doubtful decisions.


Rüdiger Hesse


Max Planck Society



Dr. Rüdiger Hesse 
Max Planck Society 
Head of Brussels Office 
Rue Royale 225-227 
B-1210 Bruxelles 
Phone: +32 2 250 1410 or +32 2 503 32 03 
Mobile +32 496 74 33 54
Fax:     +32 2 250 14 20 
Internet: www.mpg.de/officeBrussels 







Dear Alan - we came from CO2 capture and storage - we just had to

integrate the nuclear waste repository for that it all makes sense :


from Mai 2014 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21


DBHD and GTKW 5.3 and TTEL 2.2 and ART-TEL 1.1


and then : GmbH, CO2 Nuclear


and then : GTKW in EU LCE-30-2017


and then : GTKW 5.4 CO2 Nuc EU







Did we ask EU for too much money ? No


Goebel calculated with 100.000 EUR per scientist per year !


why is Goebel LEAR amont with 3,55 Mio. EUR so extreme ?

because Goebel LEAR budget includes 2,1 Mio. EUR for the

extremely expensive COMSOL Licenses for 3 teams and the

rest of 1,45 Mio. is for 5 peoples staff for 2 years AND some

partners did not have an EU pic number and will have to be

paid from Goebel LEAR budget. - So it is 100.000 Person/Y.






We have started "Redress Procedure" for GTKW 5.4 EU CO2 Nuc.


these EU administration people still believe in that not working

CCS idea - that is a wrong theory - CO2 reacts to heat and it is

warm in the crust of the earth - so CO2 takes on pressure and

comes up again to the biosphere - only GTKW can capture CO2


can you see the CO2 storage in that picture or do you need new contact lenses ?
can you see the CO2 storage in there or do you need new contact lenses ?
PDF-Dokument [186.4 KB]
EU_Complaint_number_47129 .pdf
PDF-Dokument [76.5 KB]
GTKW donates this table to the EU administration for that they learn about CO2 - it is very significant that CO2 in higher densitys reacts powerful with pressure to (geothermal) heat !
CO2 takes on geothermal heat and makes pressure - then it comes up again - EU Idiots !!! This old idea is too simple to work - it needs rooms to store CO2 - like cavernes in rocksalt
Alan - how much time did you have for the GTKW case ? 15 - 30 Min ? - Did you ever propose a new technology in your EU life ? Is "a quick lie" your general answer to us ? Your people from G4 dept. fission energy did not want any nuclear repository at all



is there any technical, physical, chemical, political intelligence in the EU ?

" we need clever technical solutions to ensure mankinds future on earth "

what we do not need is an EU bureaucracy that is to stupid to read plans



A. the nuclear experts found out that the heat emmissions of the waste

    will lift up the whole area for meters and streets and pipes crack ...

    (they need a heat exchanger unit like GTKW)


B. the CCS idea believers do not know about geothermal heat and that if

    they press CO2 into the crust of the earth it takes on motion-pressure

    (and comes back to the biosphere / atmoshere)


put the solutions to A and B together in one facility and you get GTKW





++41 (0) 79 424 61 48


Büro : Schnabelweg 15

8832 Wilen b. Wollerau

Kanton Schwyz / CH


Freitag, 20.04.2018




Volker Goebel


Architekt / Kalkulator

Dipl.-Ing. / Bauleiter






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