Ski-Days 2017 / Ski Tage 2017 ( 2 days - only 2 days !!! )



I love sports like swimming and skiing - some picture from 2017 ski days

Ich liebe Sportarten wie Schwimmen und Skifahren, die Bilder aus 2017




>>> Ski-Gebiet Hoch-Ybrig Schweiz / Ski-Resort Hoch Ybrig Switzerland



this is a little ski-film from the same day ... SKI-SAFARI Hoch Ybrig

a highly recommended ski area event - go there - enjoy nature ...











auch Ski-Gebiet Hoch Ybrig Schweiz / Ski resort Hoch-Ybrig Switzerland





the other 363 days of the year i have spend with working - like always 



GTKW 5.4 in a professional, popular music FILM


... as the drawings get more and more technical and scientific,

we decided to make a film for that the wider public can easily

understand what GTKW 5.4 is, can it do, and how it looks like.

It is the first time all 48 EU participants are in with their logos