Wakiso District "Family House" for Central Uganda


The Family House is for a 10 people family in the countryside of the

more urban Wakiso District - with a bath, toilet, doors and windows 

Wakiso District Family House 25.000 USD or 90.000.000 UGShilling

Price includes the 20 x 20 Meter land, or traditional plot 100 x 50 ft.

lots with 1. piped water 2. electricity 3. land title for Family House


Floorplan with measurements of Family House Wakiso District - Size Family House 8 x 8 meter = 64 sqm
JPG-Datei [952.6 KB]






Wakiso FAMILY HOUSE is good because :



- it gives a new home to 10 people !!!


- most economic house in the market


- western Rent/Buy contract system


- only local building materials used


- a development for urban countrysides


- very good and efficient architecture

(no more useless expensive high british representation roofs)


- MGKB builders build only 1 house type



50.000 FAMILY HOUSES for Uganda




"Theme : Industrialisation for shared prosperity and job creation" "Theme : Industrialisation for shared prosperity and job creation" - Ministry of Planning ...




Industrial production means building the same house 50.000 times

like that we can achieve best quality for lowest price and no more

chaos & quality problems on building sites - Family Houses - Many

Everybody knows exactly what to do - and many people have jobs





all building plans for Wakiso District Family House in .pdf - Download the .pdf plan if you have a computer - Download the single pictures if you use a smart phone - check it ...
PDF-Dokument [6.0 MB]
with 20 x 20 Meter land lot or with 100 x 50 ft. land lot
JPG-Datei [1.1 MB]






The MGKB building contractor Ltd. WORK TEAM


have a look at the young, studied and experienced MGKB builder team :




Mr. Jimmy Kasole / from Kiboga / Kampala >>> Director 25 % MGKB

(studied urban planner, talent in business and politics, soon a builder)

https://www.facebook.com/kasolejimmy.brians / Tel. +256 7581 982 00

studied at Makerere University Kampala E-mail : JimmyKasole@gmail.com



Mr. Richard Emma Mugasho / from Kampala >>> Director 25 % MGKB

(studied civil engineer / BOQ / construction / work on site / builder)

https://www.facebook.com/richard.emma.94 / Tel. +256 7554 906 60

studied at Mengo University Kampala E-mail : MugashoRichard@gmail.com



Mr. Volker Goebel / from Germany/Switzerland >>> Director 25 % MGKB

(studied architect and dipl.-ing. / mastermind / office work / drawings)

https://www.facebook.com/ArchiMcGoebel / Tel. +41 79 424 61 48

E-mail : info@ing-goebel.ch / info@arch-goebel.ch / info@ing-goebel.de

studied at University of Applied Sciences Dortmund Dipl.-Ing. / +FH Köln, +IHK Bochum



Mr. George Botyo / from Kampala / >>> Director with 25 % on MGKB

(studied construction management / building experience / site manager)

https://www.facebook.com/jenusbotyo.george - Tel +256 7552 365 28

E-mail : BotyoGeorgeA@gmail.com / studied at Makerere University Kampala


all Directors are workers / builders - hands on mentality - dirty hands




Mrs. Majorine Nabulime / from Kampala / Sales, Rent/Buy contracts

(studied mass production / office work, sales) Tel. +256 7548 009 13

https://www.facebook.com/majorine.nabulime studied Makerere University

membership not confirmed yet 



Mrs. Daphine Davis Paula / from Jinja / Sales, Rent/Buy contracts

(studied Development) membership not confirmed yet / Tel. +256 7003 501 54

https://www.facebook.com/daphine.paula studied at Makerere University

Email : NabiryeDaphinePaula3@gmail.com



Mr. Joseph Kiwanuka Bisaso / from Kampala / Sales Namesula

(studied environmental science) Tel / Whatsapp +256 7595 027 57

or Tel / Whatsapp +256 7832 508 43 (only sales on Namesula site)


studied at Makerere University Kampala membership not confirmed yet 



the first Group House and the first Family House we build with our

own hands - all team members are going to work on building site !

We have to achieve a very good knowledge about our product ...


Later on we will have more and more staff and we will be able to

concentrate more on the professions we have learned. It is going

to be a big building company that builds only one type of house !


MGKB never waste a single Uganda Shilling - we offer the most

economic and the absolutly cheapest fully equiped houses in Uganda




once again - see some MGKB team members at work - stock photos


every item you see in the building plans is part or the delivered/build Family House
JPG-Datei [1.2 MB]
sleeping on 2 levels - a house for the big family
JPG-Datei [1.6 MB]







Funding / Financing Family Houses in Wakiso District


the funding of many Family Houses in Wakiso District Country will be

done by a Rent/Buy contracts with Centenary Rural Development Bank

and MGKB building company - 30 % upfront - 70 % over 20 years and

there has to be 2 people with income to sign a valid Rent/Buy contract :






Download RENT/BUY contract for Family House


Family House Renters/Buyers can use the single .jpg pictures of the

Rent/Buy contract - or you can download and print the contract.pdf 


main document - the RENT/BUY CONTRACT with Centenary Bank
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]
and as work file - if changes have to be done ...
Microsoft Word-Dokument [2.5 MB]



get in contact with MGKB sales team - decide for a location like 

Namesula near Wakiso Town or Kariki or elsewhere and then go

to local Centenary Bank branch with a signed Rent/Buy contract









Some impressions from the Wakiso District with photos :











please see this film - Family House


+11.000 views in the first 24 hours








the MGKB team members had critic questions to Family House drawings

i will answer these questions public here on this pager just underneath :



Sleeping in Family House

1.) the regular sleeping capacity of a Family House is 10 persones !

In the left room there is 2 x 3 big sleeping places for kids in 2 levels

In right room there is 2 x 2 sleeping places in 2 levels for the adults

If the parents want to sleep there alone it is only 8 sleeping places !


Land for Family House

2.) We build on land where there is piped water or Family House

owners use the water from the rain water tank behind the house.

We have to build 3 chamber septic tanks in the earth near house.

I would prefer waste water pipe, but not given in the countryside.


Walls of Family House

3.) A good brick with a nice manufactured gap looks very good. If

the people want plastered outer wall, they do it later by themself.

Most houses in the countryside do not have plastered wall yet ... !

Family House is a very cheap and basic economy house for a start.


Foundation of Family House

4.) The foundation of Family House with a 20 cm re-inforced con-

crete foundation plate is very solid. We could build with as 17 cm

walls but we decided for 24 cm to make a 2nd floor possible later.

The maximum span is 4 meters - therefore no columns needed !


Windows of Family House

5.) many high, small windows let air and light in. They are easy to 

secure by a 3 mm perforated sheet metal U-cover. The alternative

is metal bars like in a prison or too expensive glass windows. The

many windows of Family House are amazingly nice - you will see.



Boards in Family House

7.) the 1 board the living room and the 6 boards in the kitchen are made

of solid wood ! We treat the surfaces well, but no plastic at all please ...


Roof of Family House

8.) the flat roof collects 100 % rain water - it is a cheap roof for a cheap

house - the 50 % PVC roofing lets light in and no more dark houses - it

is a change in culture !!! away from the british old fashioned high roofs 

towards a modern economic roof - that change in culture is very good.

You will see that it is very nice to live in such a Family House flat roof.


Fumes out of Family House

9.) there is no cheminee - it is just a metal pipe of diameter 20 cm that

goes up through the roof - that is is, an exhaust pipe - we do not have 

any money for a cheminee made with of bricks - there is also not need.


Windows of Family House

10.) The windows are rectangular holes in the brick walls. They only get

a perforated solid metal sheet, 50 % open - 50 % closed. The metal got

3 mm thickness and is fixed with screws from the inside. - Safe window.


Doors of Family House

The doors have locks and keys and they are a standard quality used in

Uganda. It would be nice to have a round window in a wooden door ...

The oven is made from sheet metal - we will find a better supplier later

on - for the first houses we have to take what is available in the shops.


Insects out of Family House

11.) A mosquito stop curtain has to be fixed on the perforated metal ...

But that is something the owners have to do for themself if required.

It is anyway better to have mosquito nets directly in the sleeping area.


Public BOQ of Family House

12.) MGKB building contractors Ltd. shows all papers - we are a fully 

public company - that is why people can have trust in us - the BOQ

is an essential and basic table - we need to have it and we need to

show it - if we do calculate in a win of 1.200 USD that it is only 5 %

from 25.000 % - that is a percentage a company must have after :

taxes and all other kind of payments - 5 % is to cover many risks !

If somebody learns from the MGKB BOQ for Family Houses and does

build Family Houses on his own, well then it is like it is - it only gives

a proof, that Family House is an very competitive, interesting house.

Run, RUN, RUN - MGKB does the best family houses with quality ...


Wall paint of Family House

13.) the walls are plastered in the inside in white - they are painted

a little with an economic and water based wall paint just in white ...


Materials of Family House

14.) all material as described in the drawings - everything that the

clients can see in the drawings has to be delivered and build - that

includes even the 4 trees on the corners of the own land that comes 

with Family House - that is the good culture we want to sell Uganda.


Answers by MGKB team member Volker Goebel / architect / dipl.-ing.







MGKB is looking for building land :


you can also find building land yourself on :




the MGKB rules of land-buy for Wakiso District :


- we are only interested in 20 x 20 meter lots

- the traditional 15 x 30 meter lots will also do

- but we buy acres if possible (less expensive)

- max. price 2 to 8 Mio. UGS per 400 sqm lot

- MGKB building land has to be FLAT and DRY 

- maximum distance to a good road is 100 m.

- electricity has to be provided in the area ...

- piped water has to be available on the site

- "land title" because of the Centenary Bank

- we are a "countryside building company"

every location that is not town centre is country


only such land MGKB will buy in Wakiso District


"Family House" always comes with 20 x 20 Meter

land ! Centenary Bank needs a secured mortgage


The FAMILY HOUSE costs 90 Mio. UGS

the land part in it is 2 up to 8 Mio. UGS

the land part is included in the 90 Mio. !









Checking Wakiso District for building land for Family Houses :


coordinates and landowner name for "Namusela" near Wakiso Town
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]







1.) Building land for Family Houses in "Namusela" near Wakiso Town Centre :


We have found first building land for "Family Houses" in a 5.000 Meter

distance to Wakiso Town centre - Sales for FAMILY HOUSE starting soon

MGKB building contractor offers Rent/Buy contracts with Centenary Bank





"Namusela" Building land 5 km off Wakiso Town Centre comes with :


1.) piped water 2.) electricity connection 3.) land title for every lot


Land-Owner Mr. Ronald Ssegane will send photos of 1 + 2 + 3 soon

he wants 8 Mio. UGS per 100 x 50 ft lot - we offer 7 Mio. UGS / lot


100 x 50 ft is 450 sqm - 20 x 20 Meter is 400 sqm - Family Houses


Contacts : rssegane@gmail.com or botyogeorgea@gmail.com (MGKB)


21. August 2017 - Mr. Ronald Ssegane and Mr. Goebel agreed to the

following lot pricing structure for MGKB Ltd. - 7 Mio. UGS for the 1 st

lot - 7,1 UGS for 2nd lot - 7,2 UGS for the 3rd lot until reach 8,4 Mio.

All with Family Houses. Mr. SSegane is sending proofs for : land title,

proof for piped water, proof for electricity on site - all with photos ...

MGKB Ltd. is happy about this agreement and waits for the proofs !!!


Namusela / Waksio Sales Family House can start soon ...




Family House in Wakiso District by MGKB building contractors with rent/buy contract Family House in Wakiso District by MGKB building contractors with rent/buy contract












2.) Building land for Family Houses in Kakiri :


We have found second building land for "Family Houses" in Wakiso Town

MGKB building contractor offers Rent/Buy contracts with Centenary Bank

1.) piped water 2.) electricity connecection 3.) land title for every lot


Contacts : info@ing-goebel.ch or botyogeorgea@gmail.com (both MGKB)





more building land for Family Houses coming soon ...

you can propose land to MGKB if it confirms to the rules




the company Interland Property Services Ltd. want to work with

us, but they are so wild and stupid that they are not able to give

the required information - a whats app number is nothing !!!



the MGKB rules of land-buy for Wakiso District :


- we are only interested in 20 x 20 meter lots

- the traditional 15 x 30 meter lots will also do

- but we buy acres if possible (less expensive)

- max. price 2 to 8 Mio. UGS per 400 sqm lot

- for Family House Village we need 42 acre !

- MGKB building land has to be FLAT and DRY 

- maximum distance to a good road is 100 m.

- electricity has to be provided in the area ...

- piped water has to be available on the site

- "land title" because of the Centenary Bank

- we are a "countryside building company"

every location that is not town centre is country


only such land MGKB will buy in Wakiso District


"Family House" always comes with a lot of land

Centenary Bank Ltd. needs a secured mortgage



how to describe building land for sale to MGKB :


- XY Photos of the land in a good size min. 1 MB

- coordinates like 54°47′15,96″N 5°21′12,32″E

  to find the land in google maps / google earth

- what is the next bigger town nearby ? name ?

- photo/scan of land title papers min. 1 MB size

- ALL full contact details of the land ownership

- your price-idea of the land in UGS and in USD

- the size of the land in ft, acre or squaremeter

- photos of piped water and eletricity box, etc.

- send complete information by Email to us ...

- info@ing-goebel.ch, botyogeorgea@gmail.com


if you can not describe the land to MGKB Ltd.

MGKB can not sell it to Family House clients


if you can describe the building land we sell it

to customers who want to buy a Family House









3.) Building land for Family Houses very near Kakiri :


this is another nice building land near Kakiri MGKB has found on its own

if you want to buy a new Family House you can settle there near Kakiri 

directly on Kampala-Hoima road - that is a very good building area :











4.) Building land for Family Houses VILLAGES near Kakiri 


we also found big building land for Family House VILLAGES but we have

no idea how to fund them yet - we build the Villages later on when we

have earned the trust of Centenary Bank to do bigger building projects 















Detailed Buildings plans


for every part of the work we make special detailed building plans :


2.380.000 UGS plus VAT
PDF-Dokument [384.2 KB]
6.286.000 UGS plus VAT
PDF-Dokument [753.9 KB]


plus work force on site (6 concrete work man for 0,5 + 1 + 0,5 days)

plus had tools (cutting steel mat, wood frame tools, hand work tools)

plus bed under concrete gravel


















3.350.000 UGS + VAT
PDF-Dokument [639.6 KB]



plus work force on site (4 brick layer man for 8 days)

plus work tools (mixing mortar, cutting bricks, wood templates windows)



















Group House and Family House have the same roof construction
JPG-Datei [2.4 MB]
1.755.000 UGS + VAT
PDF-Dokument [322.6 KB]
985.000 UGS + VAT
PDF-Dokument [284.1 KB]



plus work force on site (3 wood work man - for 5 days)

plus wood saw, plus drilling machine, plus generator




















Final Shopping List for the Roof : Sheet metal and PVC


18 x PVC transparent 3,5 m x 1 m (transparent to milky) thick 1,4 mm

12 x Sheet metal 5 m x 1 m (surface in white or silver) thick 0,6 mm


3.850.000 UGS + VAT
PDF-Dokument [185.3 KB]



plus work force on site (3 roof layer man for 3 days)

plus wood saw, plus drilling machine, plus generator













Start Material Calculation for FAMILY HOUSE and GROUP HOUSE
type of material amount VAT TOTAL
2 Mixers (rented) 2.380.000 428.400 2.808.400
elements concrete 6.286.000 1.131.480 7.417.480
burnt clay bricks 3.350.000 603.000 3.953.000
roof timber 1.755.000 315.900 491.400
angle brackets 985.000 177.300 1.162.300
roof metal / PVC 3.850.000 693.000 4.543.000
4 material groups 17 Aug. to be continued 20.375.180




we have some quotes - but we need a lot more quotes ...



Richard is still working on the F+G House BOQ with George


We have no quotes yet for :


- the round water tank

- septic tank 3 chambers

- the 2 rain water gutters

- the sign on the front wall

- the L-benches on terrace

- wood table and 6 chairs

- kitchen table L-form

- 7 L-shelfes on the walls

- the simple sheet metal oven

- the oven exhaust pipe up

- the shower tab & handle

- the sink in the bath

- the sink in the kitchen

- the tube/pipe material

- the standing toilet

- the 2 safe doors with keys out

- concrete elements above the doors

- metal elements above the windows

- the WC door

- the window sheet metal

- the plaster to get the inside walls white


we are working to get these quotes


as far as we can see Group House is 18.000 USD (later 15.000 USD)

FAMILY HOUSE will be around 25.000 USD and (later 21.000 USD)

that is a price including the land 20 x 20 Meter or 100 x 50 ft land


Original ArchiCAD file - add .pln and open it in ArchiCAD 20
Datei [37.3 MB]
Portable Network Image Format [543.1 KB]





We do it ! We establish MGKB company by law in Uganda ! And we invite

Mr. George Botyo to be with us because we need him. - 15. August 2017

MGKB building contractor Ltd. will be established: Tuesday 22. Aug. 2017


Group House - Family House - Uganda is on a good way ... we do build

Right from the day of company establishing on we start to sell houses !

We do the most economic houses for the country side Uganda will have.








"URSB" this is where "MGKB building contractor Ltd."

Company has to be registered to become "official"

We will get a VAT number ... PO Box 70 Kiboga










MGKB Company establishing documents



Company establishing documents issued by URSB registrar Uganda :


- Certificate of Incorporation of MGKB building contractors Ltd Uganda

- List of founding Directors MGKB building contractors Ltd Company


das ist aktive, kostenlose Entwicklungs-Hilfe für ein armes Land in Afrika


URSB Certificate of Incorporation of MGKB building contractors Ltd Uganda Official URSB Certificate of Incorporation of MGKB building contractors Ltd Uganda
URSB List of founding Directors MGKB building contractors Ltd Company List of founding Directors MGKB building contractors Ltd Company



Directors and Sales Staff of MGKB building contractors Ltd. always

have their "Sales Folder" on hand. This business folder contains all

the technical drawings, the rent/buy contract, the building land in-

formation and a paper with all contact details - make these folders

The folders will be very useful when we go to Centenary Bank with

the 2 clients willing to buy a GROUP HOUSE or a FAMILY HOUSE ...





it all depends on the Centenary bank

without the Rent/Buy contract we are

nothing - we have to install the mort-

gage system in Uganda - RENT/ BUY


"We have to go there as MGKB Team"

With drawings, land-info, contract and

2 clients that want to sign the contract,

able to pay in the first 30 % of the price


our 1st Centenary bank contact : Martha

vice-manager Kiboga : Josephat Ntegeka

and honorable Kabachaki Winnifred / Kampala

(secured mortgage for a house with a land title)

Rent/Buy contract with inflation rate (secured mortgage)
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]
Business-Letter to Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd.
>>> Centenary Bank and MGKB Building Con[...]
PDF-Dokument [7.5 MB]
all building plans for Wakiso District Family House as .pdf
PDF-Dokument [6.0 MB]


Ugandas population is growing fastest in the world ! it needs a massive

amount of houses - in the countryside because Kampala is already also

overpopulated, but stupid National planning office does not even have a

single building plan set on their website. MGKB likes wide open markets




Finding landowners willing to sell and finding clients willing to buy starts

on Tuesday 22. August 2017 with the MGKB Ltd. Team in Kakiri Area ...


short list of the people that are interested to buy a Family House :
Name / FB Telephone E-mail address Location wanted
Mr. John Talwana

+93 (???)

78 526 1887


near Kampala

from Aug. 2017


Mr. Joseph



7814 502 25


Namusela / Wakiso

from Aug. 2017