Bhutan - international 5 % tax heaven soon !?





Mini-Country Bhutan is starving poor and the youth got no work there


I proposed Bhutan to create a tax heaven for international companies


only 5 % tax for the first 20 years might attract company headquarters











BHUTAN - we are a bhuddist country


companies have to pass ethic survey


by the King and the Queen of Bhutan







Bhutan is a very nice land - hungry people and an international airport.


Relocate your company - register your company headquarter in Bhutan


Install a few booking clerks there - they might like the atmosphere ...



















And here is some authentic pictures from Thimpu
















And here is some authentic architectural street photos from Thimpu


Photographer :  Tashi Gyeltshen, Teacher







and here is some sounds and dances from Buthan





and here is some very authentic pictures from people im Thimphu










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