DBHD 2.0.0 Elements Biosphere - calculation & building



Gliederung der Tagesanlagen des Endlagers in Ausschreibungs-Pakete für die "Gewerke"


Ermittlung von : Flächen, Mengen, Gewichten, nach Baugruppen, für die Ausschreibung.


Hier finden auch die Statiker genügend Daten um die Bemessung der Bauteile zu prüfen.



















Kalkulation - für DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Endlager - ist nun vollständig !!!



- bebilderte Ausschreibung einzelner Baugruppen die sich zeichnerisch darstellen lassen


- Tabellen Kalkulation des Gesamt Bauwerks mit allen Baunebenkosten (Preisbasis BRD)





EU weite Anfrage für Baugruppen Endlager DBHD 2.0.0 Baustelle - COMPLETE
Asking for Quotes with pictured BOQ for [...]
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Original Anfrage-Tabelle Version 13 zum Download .xlsx - Complete
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [9.9 MB]
Vollständige Gesamt Kalkulation DBHD 2.0.0 - based on very high Germany / Switzerland EU prices - COMPLETE
PDF-Dokument [1.2 MB]
Download file for that you can change positions for your country market and currentcy US, CA, UK, FR, CN, RU etc.
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DBHD gewinnt den gesamten 55 Mrd. EUR Markt
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in Arbeit - we work on it ...
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10.04.2021 - .ifc data set - only 3D elements - full geometry set for every CAD - FINAL
Archivdatei im ZIP Format [61.8 MB]
11.04.2021 - DBHD 2.0.0 Building site plan - FINAL
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easy 3D plan for business people and lawyers - FINAL
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Interessenten Liste 015 - 13.04.2021 - FINAL
Who looks onto DBHD nuclear repository p[...]
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Film 1 (top) shows the "Above earth installations of DBHD 2.0.0 GDF International building site"



best viewed if you start the film, then click "YouTube" - and youtube opens with a bigger screen



Film 2 (bottom) shows the "sub-surface SHAFT where the HLW containers are stored in concrete pellets



all that happens in a deep old rocksalt or clayrock geology - deep, dry and with a gas-tight closure





















Gliederung der Tagesanlagen des Endlagers in Ausschreibungs-Pakete für die "Gewerke"








>>> Concrete Floors 24.265 m3 - reinforced with steel to country building code
3 thicknesses - a street transport of a German Castor is app. 180 tons heavy
#DBHD #Concrete #Floors #Amount #Calculation














>>> Measurement for concrete floors DBHD 2.0.0 GDF
3 different thicknesses - tailored to the purpose of use
#DBHD #Measurement #Concrete #Floors #Quality






















>>> Concrete columns within DBHD 2.0.0 - well connected to the concrete floors and the roofs - painted in white and orange - #DBHD #Concrete #Columns














>>> Concrete Columns DBHD 2.0.0 by size, location and amounts - there is a new webpage to keep the "building-groups" data for calculation and building together : https://lnkd.in/dNVT_Ty - #DBHD #Elements #Biosphere #Website #Calculation























>>> Concrete Walls DBHD 2.0.0 Building Site - some wall thicknesses have been adjusted to Economy - work was done with the existing columns in mind - work package includes doors, gates & windows - #DBHD #Concrete #Walls #Quality

















>>> Measurement for concrete walls within DBHD 2.0.0 - these walls are "poured on site" - we have a concrete batch - no pre-fabricated elements - all walls coated white, light blue, dark blue and orange - - - #DBHD #Walls #on #Building #Site



















>>> Elevation of Concrete Walls DBHD 2.0.0 - because of the window heights - looks a bit strange, but combined with floors, roofs, colors and people - it makes perfectly sense - #DBHD #Walls #Elevation - calculate statics and price now































>>> Roofs within DBHD 2.0.0 Building Site - to keep the salt storage dry - to keep the elements of concrete in the shadow - that is huge "Eco-Roofs" - build in steel or in wood - with living nature using rain-water on top - - - #DBHD #Eco #Roofs
















>>> Measurement of the "Eco-Roofs" according to building law in Germany & Switzerland - you can build the roofs according to "politics and building law" in your country - but build them - keep it dry and in the shadow - #DBHD #Roofs
























>>> SBR = Shaft Boring Roadheader - the big size drill-tech by Herrenknecht AG - 20 Mio. EUR - 2 year delivery time - diameters from 8,5 to 12 Meters - #SBR #Drill #Tech #Vertical #Shaft #Herrenknecht

























>>> Good morning - here is some : Cable, Drum and Head-Frame photos for you - the world record is at - 3.000 Meters - contact company Siemag-Tecberg for such tools - #Cable #Drum #HeadFrame #Siemag #Tecberg































>>> there has to be 167 trees on a DBHD 2.0.0 building site - to have some nature and culture where there is concrete and steel - many people fear GDF - lets give them a positive sign - #DBHD #Trees #CO2 #Fear #Architecture





















>>> Measurement for planting 167 trees on a 36 years 3 hole building site DBHD Order the trees right after buying the land - there has to be something positive to talk about when it comes to GDF for HLW - #DBHD #Trees #Architecture #OK


























>>> DBHD 2.0.0 Head-Frame is a genius construction - One unit - lifts 2x 160 Tons - serves 2 cables simultaniously - it might be possible to move the head-frame to the next hole ... - #DBHD #HeadFrame #Double #Moveable #Platform #Soon #More





















>>> Basic Measurement DBHD Head-Frame with cable drums and the 2 moving platforms to serve 2 cables - there will be more information and measurement in the soon coming cuts - #DBHD #HeadFrame #Double #Platform #Soon #More























>>> Long cut through the Head-Frame-Unit - Remember the 3 x 3 m beams we weld from 300 x 300 tubes - making big long beams out of regular dimension profiles - Headframe moveable with bull-dozers - #DBHD #HeadFrame #Welded

























>>> Cut over short axis - Head-Frame-Unit - designed as small as possible - but still a huge construction - that is what it needs to lift up 2x 160 Tons from a depth of -2.200 Meter -

can you do it smaller ? - #DBHD #HeadFrame #Steel #Colossos






























>>> The Office Building within DBHD 2.0.0 Building Site Plan also contains the electric power connection coming from the street - that is why we call it "Office-Power-Building" - #DBHD #Office #Power #Building























>>> as you can see, a big part of the Office-Power-Building is reserved for the electric connection of the GDF Building Site - that is a draft, not an implementation plan - #DBHD #Office #Building #Cut1























>>> a basic draft plan of the Office-Power-Building within the DBHD 2.0.0 building site - one third of the building is used for the electric power connection coming from the street - but enough office space too - #DBHD #Office #Power #Building #Floorplan






















>>> another cut showing the Office-Power-Building for DBHD 2.0.0 building sites - the staircase section - nice room heights - useful - simple and with air conditioning - #DBHD #Office #Power #Building #Cut2





















>>> Office-Power-Building DBHD 2.0.0 front side - it is a simple cube with all windows and balconies needed to ensure the surveillance of the incoming and outgoing traffics - #DBHD #Office #Power #Building #Frontside




















>>> "Office-Power-Building" within DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building Site- looking into papers from incoming HLW containers and staff wages - checking deliveries and material amount leaving the building site - #DBHD #GDF #Business #As #Usual
























>>> Metal-Workshop- HLW-Pre-Storage-Hall - basically space with cranes inside - good natural light setting - but that open side to drive out the HLW Containers - how to close it over-night ? - #DBHD #Workshop #Hall #PreStorage #HLW





















>>> a first Floorplan of the Workshop-PreStorage-Hall - we need to be able to repair things - we need to pre-store 8 HLW Containers for one concrete pellet - but safety and an open wall ? - #DBHD #Door #Problem





















>>> Cut Workshop-Pre-Storage-Hall DBHD 2.0.0 - with big cranes to lift and move 160 Tons. HLW Containers - partly a workshop - but also pre-storage of 8 HLW Castors for one concrete pellet - #DBHD #Workshop #Crane #Containers
























>>> Long Cut - Workshop-PreStorage-Hall DBHD 2.0.0 - i see 3 good facades - but having an open door - open wall in a hall where HLW Containers are stored ? - Anyone a clever idea ? - #DBHD #OpenWall #Problem - need clever door idea























>>> Workshop-PreStorage-Hall within DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building Site - looks nice - but still incomplete because door idea missing for outgoing containers - #DBHD #Workshop #PreStorage #Hall #incomplete




















>>> use Profilit Glas-Profiles - from Pilkington for example - for the structural glazing of DBHD 2.0.0 Workshop-ProStorage-Hall - #DBHD #Profilit #Glas #Profiles
























>>> Thanks for your letters, hints and comments - Do you like the overworked Traffic-Locks better now ? - Separate lanes for humans and lorries - an a moveable barrier for when it comes hard - #DBHD #Security #Traffic #Locks























>>> as GDF is always a nuclear building site there has to certain security methods to apply - Big Traffic-Locks with separete lanes for humans and lorries - but only 8 HLW Containers on site - #DBHD #Security #HLW #8Containers
























>>> Floorplan in 3D - DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building Site - latest version - #DBHD
























>>> Castors - German HLW containers - made by GNS GmbH in Duisburg Germany - #Castor




























>>> Fences and Gates DBHD 2.0.0 Building Site - outer fence 3 meters high - inner fence 6 meters high - transparent fences please - not easy to climb - 2 meters deep in the ground - for 36 years - #DBHD #Fences #Gates #Security

























>>> Complete Measuresment for Fences and Gates DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building Site - transparent fences - good quality - not easy to climb - color coating in silver, a light grey - #DBHD #Gates #Fences #Measurement #Security




























>>> Excavation-Wall / Aushub-Wall - due to a wrong "anticipation" the wall was 6.5 Meter to high ! - After doing a "calculation", the wall is now in its right size ! - DBHD less a monster - more a clever building site - - #DBHD #Excavation #Aushub #Wall























>>> Measurement and Profile of Excavation-Wall within DBHD 2.0.0 Building-Site GDF - we drill the Sediments out - and after 12 years we put them back in again - they have to stay on site - - - #DBHD #Sediments #Excavation #Calculated #Wall























>>> Good morning folks - final picture Sunday - #DBHD #Final #Pics #Sunday




















>>> The Final .pdf plan for DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building-Site - comes with reduced colors to be more presentable to the bosses and authorities - #DBHD #Final #Plan #Building #Site #Sunday - Download 12 MB .pdf file - best read in Acrobat Reader






















>>> Beautiful DBHD 2.0.0 GDF Building-Site - Final Pictures Sunday - #DBHD
Use it in >> France, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, India, Spain, UK - in deep Clayrock & Rocksalt



11.04.2021 - DBHD 2.0.0 Building site plan - FINAL
PDF-Dokument [12.2 MB]















Zur Planung des Bauvorhabens DBHD 2.0.0 Endlager HLW gehören zur Zeit 4 Unter-Seiten :



- DBHD 2.0.0 Nuclear Repository - Entwicklung des tiefen Endlager-Schachtes


- DBHD 2.0.0 Elements Shaft - Zerlegung des Schachtes in Baugruppen für die Ausschreibung


- DBHD 2.0.0 Biosphere - Entwicklung der Tagesanlagen für die Endlager Baustelle


- DBHD 2.0.0 Elements Bios. - Zerlegung der Tagesanlagen in Baugruppen für die Ausschreibung









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